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This guide will help you compile VLC media player for your platform.

This guide is intended for developers and power users. Compiling VLC is not an easy task.

You should come on IRC to assist you during this phase.

Warning: Please, do not put pre-release test binaries or git-compiles on software sites or on user-forums. We've had bad experiences with this before and we do not appreciate it.

Generic Steps

These are the main steps to follow to compile VLC :

  1. Prepare your compile environment,
  2. Grab the source of VLC media player,
  3. Bootstrap, using the ./bootstrap script, if you took the code from repository,
  4. Prepare the extras libraries needed for VLC media player, read the list,
  5. Configure,
  6. Build, using make,
  7. and Profit!

Compile for one Operating System

There are the special compile guides for every OS you want VLC.




Other compile guides

See also Category:Operating systems.