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VLC packages / VCS URLs in Linux distros

Distribution Web-based viewer for repository What to do to fetch the repository Notes
ALT Linux Gitweb or Sisyphus git clone git:// altlinux-vlc
Debian GNU/Linux Gitweb or PTS git clone git:// vlc-debian
  • The current packaging is either in the experimental or sid branch.
  • For the nightlies packaging, see the videolan branch.
Fedora RPM Fusion Viewvc[dead link] and Fedora Viewvc[dead link]



cvs co <module>

Available at the RPM Fusion third part repository for Fedora:
Gentoo Portage tree and Patchsets cvs -d co gentoo/src/patchsets/vlc

cvs -d co gentoo-x86/media-video/vlc

  • Most patches are in the patchset, patches applied are the highest version that is lower than the one you want.
  • Some small and temporary patches may also be in the portage tree in the files subdirectory.
  • See also the packaging notes.
Ubuntu BzrWeb or Launchpad Code bzr branch
Slackware or UK mirror lctp -c "open ; mirror vlc"

rsync -av rsync:// .

The "restricted_slackbuilds" packages are restricted for distribution: they are built with mp3/aac encoding capability. This makes them unfit for hosting in the US, hence a UK mirror is used