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Open a media with VLC Player

To play a media with VLC player, use an intent with the following settings


Intent.ACTION_VIEW ("android.intent.action.VIEW")

Package name



The media Uri


one of:

  • video/*
  • audio/*
  • */rmvb
  • */avi
  • */mkv
  • application/3gpp*
  • application/mp4
  • application/mpeg*
  • application/ogg
  • application/sdp
  • application/vnd.3gp*
  • application/
  • application/vnd.dvd*
  • application/vnd.dolby*
  • application/vnd.rn-realmedia*
  • application/x-iso9660-image
  • application/x-extension-mp4
  • application/x-flac
  • application/x-matroska
  • application/x-mpegURL
  • application/x-ogg
  • application/x-quicktimeplayer
  • application/x-shockwave-flash
  • application/xspf+xml
  • misc/ultravox

Extras (optional)

Value Type Description
"subtitles_location" String Path of a subtitles file
"title" String Title you want to display
"from_start" boolean Force playback from the beginning
"position" int/long Set position to start playback, in milliseconds
"extra_duration" long Media duration

Sample code

For a simple media playback:

 int vlcRequestCode = 42;
 Uri uri = Uri.parse("file:///storage/emulated/0/Movies/KUNG FURY Official Movie.mp4");
 Intent vlcIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW);
 vlcIntent.setDataAndTypeAndNormalize(uri, "video/*");
 vlcIntent.putExtra("title", "Kung Fury");
 vlcIntent.putExtra("from_start", false);
 vlcIntent.putExtra("position", 90000l);
 vlcIntent.putExtra("subtitles_location", "/sdcard/Movies/");
 startActivityForResult(vlcIntent, vlcRequestCode);

If you specifically want start VideoPlayerActivity, you can set

 vlcIntent.setComponent(new ComponentName("org.videolan.vlc", ""));

Get result code from VLC

Since version 1.4.1, Android VLC application returns an intent when closing.

Here is the description of this intent:

Intent action


Result code

Result Value (int) Description
RESULT_OK -1 Video finished or user ended playback
RESULT_CANCELED 0 No compatible cpu, incorrect VLC abi variant installed
RESULT_CONNECTION_FAILED 2 Connection failed to audio service
RESULT_PLAYBACK_ERROR 3 VLC is not able to play this file, it could be incorrect path/uri, not supported codec or broken file
RESULT_HARDWARE_ACCELERATION_ERROR 4 Error with hardware acceleration, user refused to switch to software decoding
RESULT_VIDEO_TRACK_LOST 5 VLC continues playback, but for audio track only. (Audio file detected or user chose to)


Media Uri

You can check the source here.


Value Type Description
"extra_position" long Last position in media when player exited
"extra_duration" long Total duration of the media

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