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VLC can encode and decode this container.
The module name to use at the command line is asf, but you can also use asfh.

Advanced Streaming Format (or ASF, later renamed into Advanced Systems Format) is Microsoft's proprietary digital audio/digital video container format, especially meant for streaming media. ASF is part of the Windows Media Framework.

Windows Media Files: ASF files have the file extension .asf, but ASF files which contain Windows Media codecs are often given the file extension .wmv or .wma.

DVR-MS: the Windows Vista recording format, should be played (more or less correctly) by recent VLC versions.

Encoder options

When encoding to ASF format, you can use the following options:

Transcluded from Documentation:Modules/asf
  • sout-asf-title <string> : Title to put in ASF comments default value: ""
  • sout-asf-author <string> : Author to put in ASF comments default value: ""
  • sout-asf-copyright <string> : Copyright string to put in ASF comments default value: ""
  • sout-asf-comment <string> : Comment to put in ASF comments default value: ""
  • sout-asf-rating <string> : "Rating" to put in ASF comments default value: ""
  • sout-asf-packet-size <integer> : ASF packet size default value: 4096
  • sout-asf-bitrate-override <integer> : Do not try to guess ASF bitrate. Setting this, allows you to control how Windows Media Player will cache streamed content. Set to audio+video bitrate in bytes default value: 0


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