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Module: asf
Type Muxer
First VLC version -
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description ASF muxer
Shortcut(s) -

Shortcuts to this module are asf and asfh. Support for demuxing was added in 0.5.0. Support for muxing was added sometime prior to 0.8.0, as the changelog says "Improved ASF muxer" for 0.8.0. Support for images/cover art was added in 2.0.0.


  • sout-asf-title <string> : Title to put in ASF comments default value: ""
  • sout-asf-author <string> : Author to put in ASF comments default value: ""
  • sout-asf-copyright <string> : Copyright string to put in ASF comments default value: ""
  • sout-asf-comment <string> : Comment to put in ASF comments default value: ""
  • sout-asf-rating <string> : "Rating" to put in ASF comments default value: ""
  • sout-asf-packet-size <integer> : ASF packet size default value: 4096
  • sout-asf-bitrate-override <integer> : Do not try to guess ASF bitrate. Setting this, allows you to control how Windows Media Player will cache streamed content. Set to audio+video bitrate in bytes default value: 0

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