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Crashes and issues during use

What issues are you experiencing with VLC during use?

Crash or strange behaviour

VLC has a strange behaviour and/or crashes my computer Go!

DVD playback issues

VLC does not play my DVDs very well Go!

Media files problems and questions

VLC does play my media files very well. Go!

Codec compatibility problems and questions

Codec compatibility related questions and problems Go!

DirectShow issues (eg Webcam)

VLC seems to have a issue with DirectShow Go!

How do I...

Change the language of the UI?

I want to use VLC in a different language. Go!

Enable Blu-ray disc playback

For commercially released Blu-rays. Go!

Find some information or legal stuff about VLC?

I want some information about VLC. Go!

Play or do something with DVD?

I want to play or do something with DVD. Go!

Set, Enable or Disable some settings?

I want to set, enable or disable something or reset VLC settings. Go!

I want to do something else

I can't find what I'm looking for. Go!
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