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Issue on some type of media files

FLV : Flash Video Files

FLV files won't play in VLC Media Player. Go!

MKV : Matroska Video Files

VLC hangs or just freezes up and fails to play MKV files. Go!

MOV : QuickTime Video Files

MOV file doesn't play in VLC, but plays well in QuickTime Player. Go!

RM, RMVB, RAM, RPM : Realmedia Video Files

RealMedia files (.rm, .rpm, etc) cannot be played in VLC. Go!

WMV, WMA : Windows Media Video Files

Some Windows Media Video files are not playable in VLC Media Player. Go!

MP4, 3GP : No sound at all

Some MP4 or 3GP files don't have audio at all. Go!

I have trouble with other type of video files

If you have no video for some type of files, you can try to change the video ouput Go!

How do I

AVI : Play broken AVI files

How do I handle the broken AVI files? Go!

AVI : Always repair broken AVI files

How do I always perform repair action? Go!
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