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Five people from Ecole Centrale Paris ([ECP]) have a second year project related to VLC Media Player. Three of them work on VLC development : ivoire, phytos and JPeg.

Project ECP

Main goal

The main objective of our project is to create a Media Collection, or Media Library, based on an SQL database. This would allow people to use VLC Media Player as a real Media Center.

The database will be used to store information about every medias, and create a collection with them. The database will be a little complex because VLC Media Player is able to read Videos, Musics, Streams from the Internet, ... and all of these medias have to be collected.

Git repository

Thanks to pdherbemont, we have our own git branch in the VLC repository. See [[1]] for more details.

Pending patches

Some of these patches may have already been included in the main SVN or Git repo.

Subtitles downloader

By JPeg

I have written a module to automagically download subtitles from [OpenSubtitles.Org] and insert them in the Video playback. It is based on a lua script to fetch a list of subtitles from a webpage. This way allows us to implement other subtitles databases than only OpenSubtitles.Org.

An user interface has been implemented only for Qt4.

Zip files extractor

By JPeg

As OpenSubtitles.Org does not provide directly .srt, .sub, etc... subtitles files but a .zip archive, I had to decompress the files. I just reused code from skins2 and create a simple module with it. This module, called extractzip provides functions to extract files from archives. (On 25 February 2008, it supports only ZIP compression model).

It would be great to create a demux on this model, so that you don't need to extract files on the hard drive to read them.