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easy discuss/talk here

  • Welcome ! jb 10:44, 19 February 2008 (CET)
  • Will attend the dev days 08 (on Saturday) :)

TODO list

Wiki Pages

  • Backtraces with those chapters (for now, inside debug page)
    • What backtraces are
      • Rely on accurate release/commit ID
    • get backtraces
      • Requirements
      • Basic use of gdb to debug VLC media player
      • Windows gdb how to
      • libvlc and web plugins debug how to
    • How to embed backtraces in (trac, wiki, IRC, emails)
    • links (gdb, Report bugs, etc)
  • NB: asked page: "-enable-debug"


(the newest the upper)

Category Actions States comment
feature add a "ts-pid-pmt=pid" CLI option No  To easily support streams without PAT, etc
doc improve Win32Compile to add NSI chapter No
devel don't fail in NSI (Windows installer generation) when a feature is disabled Ok / Upgradable to be tested and proposed
doc update OSXCompile page (from discuss at least) maybe won't do
devel compile for MacOS X maybe won't do
documentation webplugin HTML params No
priv Understand fetch, pull, merge, branch under Git Ok / Upgradable
feature enable fullscreen control on web plugins No
feature allow hiding control toolbar (for mozplug X11) Ok / Upgradable
test Test activeX API Partial
test Test mozplug API Partial
test List APIs for ActiveX No
test List APIs for mozplug Ok / Upgradable
devel Suscrib to the MailingList and the Wiki (create account...) Yes
devel Suscrib to the Google group (vlc-mozplug-friends) Yes
devel Go to the IRC channel (#videolan) Yes
devel Build the latest git version of VLC (0.9) (windows & debian Etch) Yes


public clipboard

Feel free to past some links you seems interesting for me.

not yet seen :

seen :

private clipboard

  • irc, to avoid sec policy <xtophe> --security-policy=1
./include/vlc_messages.h:148:#define msg_Dbg( p_this, ... ) \

msg_Dbg( p_libvlc, COPYRIGHT_MESSAGE );
msg_Dbg( p_libvlc, "libvlc was configured with %s", CONFIGURE_LINE );

msg_Info( p_this, ... )
msg_Err( p_this, ... )
msg_Warn( p_this, ... )
msg_Dbg( p_this, ... )


Isn't madness the origin of our lives?

  • bash completion config for VLC command line :p
    • something exists in extra/ for zsh completion.
    • begin from a docbok to generate a man page t
  • stable unit-tests for web plugins (Javascript?) usable in command-line (doesn't have the "how" yet in mind)
  • environment to help using automated git bissect, "pluggable" to webplugins unit-test CLI (wahoo yeah, dreaming :) )
  • (low) split file sout parameter (roll files with an index and a max time/size for each chunk)
  • on mozplug X11, conditional embedded controls (play, pause, ..): done, optionnal now.