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Hi, my name is Hang Su, a graduate student from the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences .

I'm interested in the GSoC VLC project and I think it will be a great opportunity to practice my skill of programming and team working if I can take part in the GSoC programme of VLC.

UPnP media service is my interested point as I have studied and solved the NAT travesual problem using the method of UPnP for a Live streaming broadcast programme 1 year ago.

Here I'm wondering about the request ' Having a cross platform solution is almost a must' listed under the title of UPnP media service . Does that means the developer should give out different versions of the UPnP module for different platforms(Windows/ Linux)? Or the whole VLC solution could give out the adapter layer for different platforms to make the differencese invisible ?

You can contact me by email : or on the talk page here. Thank you !