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Q: Dear sir

i have install the VLC player my system have window98 operating system it have 10GB capacity In my system window media player version 9 is already loaded. and also i have PowerDVD now my problemthis that any media file which is in my system is to be open throught VLC player,but if i want to see any online movie ,in that case i m unable to see that movie . what configuration i have to do for that, and also suggest if there is any other media player which support my system and help me to see the online movies because i don't have window Xp so the media player in my system is version 9 thats the reason i m unable to see the movie in media player.can i see online movies throught VLC &if i can then how plz explain

A: I don't like Windows Media Player so I really don't know what version 9 can or cannot do, however VLC can play most media formats from the Internet (it was designed to play/stream video over a network), though I don't know whether it can be configured to launch from web pages when needed, because I don't use windows much (as a matter of fact I try to avoid it as much as possible).

To see online video, you need to visit the page, right-click on the video URL and copy it (or somehow extract the video URL from the page's source code) and then open VLC, click on the "EJECT" button and paste the URL in the MRL Locator (topmost) box. Please bear in mind that you need to have a lot of bandwidth (at least broadband) to be able to view online video.