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Thracx is a new user of VLC but is very optimistic about the possibilities of the project. He intends to first become more familiar with the application itself, and then possibly contribute to the project by extending it's multi-threaded capabilities and possibly making a Media Library that integrates with VLC.

Thracx currently works as a Software Engineer in the Eastern US, mainly using C#, Oracle, and Perl, but was educated in C++ with a little Java. His focus has been on distributed and parallel computing and hopes to be able to contribute to the VLC project by increasing it's threading capabilities. Updating the HTTP/RTSP core to be multi-threaded (from the Mini Projects page) might be a good start and an excuse to get into the VLC code base. Getting 'Live Folders' working on Windows might be another starting task.

Thracx is open to suggestions on what small tasks can be done for the VLC project to get started.