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{{Side box | text | link1 | label1 | link2 | label2 | link3 | label3 }}


{{Side box | text | wikilink1 | label1 | wikilink2 | label2 | wikilink3 | label3 | wikilink4 | label4 }}

This is a meta-template. There is no guarantee that usage will remain the same, but will be changed when needed. The only required parameter is text. links and wikilinks are mutually exclusive. labels default to the link.


{{side box|text=Example is [[free]] and [[open source]]!}}
{{side box|text=[[wikipedia:Main_Page|Wikipedia]] has information on these entries:|wikilink1=wikipedia:MPEG-1|label1=MPEG 1|wikilink2=wikipedia:MPEG-2|label2=MPEG 2|wikilink3=wikipedia:MPEG-3|label3=MPEG 3}}