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{{ Git link |p= |a= |h= }}


{{ Git link |p= |a= |h= |l= }}


{{ Git link |p= |a= |f= }}


{{ Git link |p= |a= |f= |h= }}

This is a meta-template, a wrapper around URL requests to git.videolan.org. This template does not perform sanity checks. It saves keystrokes and avoids XSS requests from passed parameters.


  • |p= is the branch e.g. vlc.git, vlc/vlc-2.2.git or vlma.git (see https://git.videolan.org for a list of branch names)
  • |a= is the format e.g. blob. This may be given free-form but only the following are valid: summary, shortlog, log, commit, commitdiff, tree and patch
  • |f= is the file e.g. modules/demux/image.c. You can pass directory names to |f= as well if |a=tree
  • |h= is the hash e.g. 72f3067a6fddcd30e0ee33928a0ec6622ed2e74b
  • |hb= ???
  • |l= is the label (optional) e.g. arbitrary

Example 1:

{{Git link|p=vlc.git|a=commit|h=72f3067a6fddcd30e0ee33928a0ec6622ed2e74b}}


Example 2:

{{Git link|p=vlc.git|a=commit|h=72f3067a6fddcd30e0ee33928a0ec6622ed2e74b|l=First revision of VLC}}

First revision of VLC

Example 3:

{{Git link|p=x264.git|a=tree|f=doc}}


Example 4:

{{Git link|p=vlc.git|a=commitdiff|h=72f3067a6fddcd30e0ee33928a0ec6622ed2e74b}}


Example 5:

{{Git link|p=x264.git|a=history}}


Example 6:

{{Git link|p=vlc/vlc-2.0.git|a=blob|f=modules/video_filter/crop.c|h=b5e946097a7e7acbe0c90446d0752ff0f7f706ec|hb=HEAD|l=This module no longer exists. Here's a link to it anyway}}

This module no longer exists. Here's a link to it anyway

This template will branch to the most specific condition upon parameter omission: