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I though that this was about "simple prefs". We don't need to replicate the whole tree structure and include options which 99.9% of the users don't use or understand. In my opinion, simple prefs should look like firefox's preferences: several tabs/categories (less than 10) with about 5 to 20 options each. Dionoea 15:02, 12 June 2006 (CEST) -- User:Pdherbemont strongly agrees

  • ffmpeg-hq ? -- Is this out of place? I can't find it in this context -- User:DJ. It's currently not in video, but codecs, but we are free to put whatever we want wherever. User:Zorglub. Isn't that going to get kinda confusing? User:DJ. Nope :) User:Zorglub Given that it's not in that context either and the only thing that's close is FFmpeg's -- "Post processing quality", I believe you have just proven my point. You maybe free to do what you want, but is it prudent and or wise, or can others understand it? :) -- User:DJ

I will agree with the basic premise, VLC needs a simple preferences menu. But if you can't see the current tree of simple preferences as they exist presently how can you have the discussion as to include them or not? There also maybe a few that are not now in the simple preferences that should be or a few that best be handled in a different way or done away with entirely. But how can you see them to be able to relate to them or know out of context? Plus the fact that you will never be sure that you have reviewed them all and the new simple preferences will go through several changes while the end user is still confused and or ends up locking down the advanced options. -- User:DJ I disagree we all work enough with VLC to know the preference menu almost by heart and have VLC installed to check if needed (and that differ between OS and build). Now, with every thing, how do you see which pref is to be included in "the simple preferences" ?!? Xtophe Considering you know it so well you should realize, only the simple preferences are here. -- User:DJ

Perhaps going through the tree and marking everything that can't or shouldn't be changed would make it easier to see and find things. -- User:DJ

I'm not trying to be presumptuous here, but if you can't see the current representation of the simple preferences how can you know which ones to include or exclude for an understandable discussion with a reasonable end result? User:DJ

User Prefs for multiple instances of VLC playing different streams---where is it? How do I activate it? I've checked forums and docs but so far no luck...--Ddaniels 09:34, 21 January 2007 (CET)

Anybody? I'm trying to get a video show going for a friend's party and having multiple streams was a big part of the visuals... VLC used to be able to do it...--Ddaniels 19:25, 23 January 2007 (CET)

Were hotkeys omitted voluntarily? User:Ipkiss

No, but we didn't need to explain them. It will be a whole new category J-b 09:31, 14 February 2007 (CET)

What about module specific options? For example, the wx-embed option can be considered as a simple preference. User:Ipkiss

Module specific options should be added. btw, some things have been commited and are not on this page. Check it outJ-b 09:31, 14 February 2007 (CET)