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Plugin parameters

  • How to change the colour of vlc player?
  • How to show the play/stop/forward/volume/etc. controls in the display area ?
  • How to make the OBJECT tag compatible with both MSIE and M.Firefox?
  • How to specify a cache preload time?

Implementation dificulties

  • With the standard MS-I.Explorer 6 security configuration, user must modify manually the "Download unsigned controls for ActiveX" parameter, to make possible to install the VLC plugin. Could be the "" distribution well signed for MSIE? --Narcis Garcia 01:00, 3 September 2007 (CEST)


On the demo page edited by damienf, the playback stops on 80% of the track with all mp3 tracks and sources that i tried. So i test more simple, with only an object and autoplay parameter, and the same problem came back: vlc activeX/html plugin stops on 80% in average.

  • Any idea ?