SoC 2010/PCM IO API (Phonon)

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2010.
Student: Michael Forney
Mentor: Jean-Baptiste Kempf


Design a fully featured PCM I/O API for Phonon, and provide an implementation for the Phonon-VLC backend and one other (either Xine or GStreamer). This API will allow developers to capture PCM data from devices like a sound card, or to play back raw audio from memory, or elsewhere. This will provide some important missing features in Phonon, and open the door for many applications waiting to make use of an API like this.


Date Description Status
April 26th - May 23rd Planning, API design Completed
May 24th - June 7th API implementation in Phonon In progress
June 8th - July 4th Add support for API to VLC backend Not started
July 5th - July 25th Add support for other backend (probably GStreamer) Not started
July 26th - August 1st Code finalization Not started
August 2nd - August 9th Finish documentation Not started
August 9th - August 16th Cleanup Not started


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