SoC 2010/Interface for mobile phones

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2010.
Student: Kumar Anik
Mentor: Geoffroy Couprie

Tentative Schedule & Progress
Till May 27 getting a feel of the vlc code, understanding the coding conventions, and placing of various codes. done!

Installing the tools required. cegcc, VS2008, Windows Device Emulator, Active Sync

Getting a small Hello World Application to run on emulator.
Building Qt and VLC on wince platform. done!
Get VLC to run on emulator.
July 12
Creating Mock-ups ( at least 3 ) for different GUI elements. In progress
July 15
Ananlysis of the moc-ups and finalysing a design.
July 15 - July 22
Hard implementation of the finalised design.

July 22 - July 31
Designing Test cases and applying them. Debugging of the bugs found.
Aug 1 onwards Documentation ( Doxygen + Wiki).

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