SoC 2009/GPU Decoding Support

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This project is part of Google Summer of Code 2009.
Student: Etienne Membrives
Mentor: Jean-Paul Saman

Project Abstract

The Video Acceleration API is an API designed to provide hardware acceleration for graphic application using the processing power of graphic cards. Drivers exists for Intel graphic cards. A backend for the VDPAU API (by nVidia) has been released and the same is under way for ATI cards. Thus, this project aims to implement a decoder and the corresponding video output for VLC, using the power of VA API to reduce CPU consumption while reading h.264, VC-1 and MPEG-4 videos.


  • March, 23: Official start date
  • June, 5: End of classes, I will be fully available for GSoC from this date
  • June, 8: (Report 0) Report on already existing solutions (other softwares)
  • June, 15: (Report 1)
  • June, 22: (Report 2) Functional VAAPI Decoder
  • June, 29: (Report 3)
  • July, 5: (Report 4) Functional VAAPI Video Output
  • July, 12: (Report 5) Mid-term evaluations
  • July, 19: (Report 6) Integration of video filters
  • July, 26: (Report 7) Debugging
  • August, 3: (Report 8) Documentation
  • August, 10: «Pencil down» date

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