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This page describes how to set specific brightness or contrast for a file. Other "how to" pages

First open Command Prompt/cmd.exe. A quick way of doing this is to go to:
Start >> Run. Then enter "cmd" and press Enter/OK.

Assuming you have VLC installed, to do it in one line, you can do something like:

    C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe [options] FILE

Where [options] are the command line parameters and FILE is the location of the file you wish to play.

For a two-line method, which is potentially faster for doing multiple instances etc.:

cd C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC
vlc [options] FILE

The commandline parameters for image properties are as follows:

Image properties filter
      --contrast <float>         Image contrast (0-2)
      --brightness <float>       Image brightness (0-2)
      --hue <integer>            Image hue (0-360)
      --saturation <float>       Image saturation (0-3)
      --gamma <float>            Image gamma (0-10)
      --brightness-threshold, --no-brightness-threshold
                                 Brightness threshold (default disabled)

The image adjust filter needs to be enabled so use:

 --video-filter adjust

To enable it.

Here is an example:

 vlc --video-filter adjust --brightness 1.8 --contrast 1.5 FILE

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