Libavcodec regressions

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To be investigated issues

RMVB deadlocking

With threads >= 1 and libav


Open issues

Closed issues

MTS regression (worked-around)

Possibly VLC TS demuxer does not output correct IDR information.

Whether the demuxer is wrong or not, it fails with libav, but it works with FFmpeg.

See and


Some VC1i sample did not work in libav:

FFv1 v1.3 support


The sample here related is now fixed jb (talk) 16:30, 28 December 2013 (CET)

Lagarith YV12 direct-rendering

YV12 broken in libav when using direct-rendering. Numerous reports about that.

See and

Samples here: and

Xvid Matrix

XVid "Bulletproof's Heavy Compression Matrix" fails in libav, works in FFmpeg.

See and sample here

Solution here: ​;a=commit;h=7716dd9fbbcea2700a100c995df967d5547c2eb9

non-SSE2 playback

VLC fails to play on non-SSE2 machines in libav

See the bugreport here and see the numerous complaints on the forum here

Solution here:;a=commit;h=51daafb02eaf96e0743a37ce95a7f5d02c1fa3c2


With FFmpeg, HuffYUv is broken. See

MXF playback broken - part 1

No video on this 1080p50 sample in libav:

MXF playback broken - part 2

No seek after 4GB on this sample in libav