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 VLC 1.2 Mac Interface Documentation

Below image shows all the functions of the buttons present in VLC 1.2 Mac Version


"Fullscreen mode" for Snow Leopard and Leopard is located on the bottom of the window.

Snow leopardfs.png

Below shows the Fullscreen interface and functions of each button used during the Fullscreen mode.


 Basic Playlist Controls in VLC 1.2 for Mac

This is an image of the first view one will get on opening VLC (the submenus to the left, are by-default closed).

Vlc 1.2 first view.png

Media can be added to the playlist by clicking on the Open media... button, and choosing your options appropriately.

Vlc 1.2 playlist dailog box.png

Alternately, media can be added by dragging and dropping its icon from anywhere into the box.

Vlc 1.2 drag and drop files.png

Additional media can be added in between the playlist, in any desirable order, or into a new playlist, by dragging and dropping further.

Vlc 1.2 playlist drag into.png