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Module: rtp
Type Access
First VLC version 0.7.0
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description Real-Time Protocol (RTP) input
Shortcut(s) dccp, rtptcp, udplite

The only supported format for rtp-dynamic-pt is theora.


The module supports RTP with encryption (SRTP) through srtp.c using libgcrypt (gcrypt manual). There are no sub-modules or other shortcuts (in particular, srtp will not work).

Hexadecimal strings are base-16 numbers. Each character is one of 0123456789abcdef (case-insensitive).


Functions of interest (defined in srtp.c and srtp.h) lie in rtp.c between:

#ifdef HAVE_SRTP



In summary:

  • SRTP sessions are one-way and re-keyed periodically
  • To set or reset the master key and master salt for an SRTP session int srtp_setkey (srtp_session_t *s, const void *key, size_t keylen, const void *salt, size_t saltlen) is called
  • The setkey values are currently hard-coded as AES in counter mode authenticated with HMAC-SHA1; the salt with PRF-AES-CM. There are code comments suggesting this be improved
  • There are explanations (for hackers) in the form of code comments in the files


  • rtcp-port <integer [0 .. 65535]> : RTCP packets will be received on this transport protocol port. If zero, multiplexed RTP/RTCP is used default value: 0
  • srtp-key <string> : RTP packets will be authenticated and deciphered with this Secure RTP master shared secret key. This must be a 32-character-long hexadecimal string
  • srtp-salt <string> : Secure RTP requires a (non-secret) master salt value. This must be a 28-character-long hexadecimal string
  • rtp-max-src <integer [1 .. 255]> : How many distinct active RTP sources are allowed at a time default value: 1
  • rtp-timeout <integer> : How long to wait (in seconds) for any packet before a source is expired default value: 5
  • rtp-max-dropout <integer [0 .. 32767]> : RTP packets will be discarded if they are too much ahead (i.e. in the future) by this many packets from the last received packet default value: 3000
  • rtp-max-misorder <integer [0 .. 32767]> : RTP packets will be discarded if they are too far behind (i.e. in the past) by this many packets from the last received packet default value: 100
  • rtp-dynamic-pt <string> : This payload format will be assumed for dynamic payload types (between 96 and 127) if it can't be determined otherwise with out-of-band mappings (SDP) default value: NULL

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