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Module: puzzle
Type Video output filter
First VLC version 0.9.0
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description Turns the video in a jigsaw puzzle game
Shortcut(s) -


Note that the puzzle module has been improved in later versions; the option --puzzle-black-slot has been removed in favour of --puzzle-mode (use 1 for --puzzle-mode for the same effect).

  • puzzle-cols <integer> : Specifies the number of columns in the puzzle default value: 4
  • puzzle-rows <integer> : Specifies the number of rows in the puzzle default value: 4
  • puzzle-border <integer> : Border
  • puzzle-preview <boolean> : Small preview default value: disabled
  • puzzle-preview-size <integer> : Small preview size
  • puzzle-shape-size <integer> : Piece edge shape size
  • puzzle-auto-shuffle <integer> : Puzzle auto shuffle
  • puzzle-auto-solve <integer> : Auto solve
  • puzzle-rotation <integer> : 0 is (0), 1 is (0/180), 2 is (0/90/180/270), 3 is (0,90,180,270,mirror)
  • puzzle-mode <integer> : 0 is jigsaw puzzle, 1 is sliding puzzle, 2 is swap puzzle, 3 is exchange puzzle
  • puzzle-black-slot : Change puzzle type to a sliding tile puzzle default value: disabled
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