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NOTE: this module is in active development and has not made it into the main tree yet.

Module: mqtt
Type Interface
First VLC version -
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) Any that support the mosquitto library
Description control VLC using the MQTT protocol
Shortcut(s) -

This module will let you send control messages to VLC using the MQTT protocol.


  • mqtt-host <string> : Hostname of MQTT broker to connect to default value: localhost
  • mqtt-port <integer> : Port number of MQTT broker to connect to default value: 1883
  • mqtt-username <string> : The username to connect to the broker with default value: none
  • mqtt-password <string> : The password to connect to the broker with default value: none
  • mqtt-prefix <string> : The topic name prefix to use default value: vlc/
  • mqtt-clientid <string> : The client identifier to connect to the broker as default value: random
  • mqtt-keepalive <string> : The keep alive time for the MQTT protocol (in seconds) default value: 10
  • mqtt-qos <string> : The QoS level to publish and subscribe using (0, 1 or 2) default value: 1



Sent from client to VLC.

Direction Topic Payload Description
vlc/command <cmd> <arguments> Any of the below
vlc/command/add <url> Add <url> to the playlist
vlc/command/delete <pos> delete item <pos> in playlist
vlc/command/clear clear the playlist
vlc/command/play <pos> Start playing item at <pos>
vlc/command/pause Pause Playback
vlc/command/stop Stop Playback
vlc/command/goto <pos> Goto item at index <pos>
vlc/command/next Start playing next item in playlist
vlc/command/prev Start playing prev item in playlist
vlc/command/seek Seek to
vlc/command/volume <vol> Set volume to <vol> (0 to 255)
vlc/command/volup <vol> Increase volume by <vol>
vlc/command/voldown <vol> Decrease volume by <vol>
vlc/command/repeat <mode> Turn on or off playlist repeat mode (0 or 1)
vlc/command/random <mode> Turn on or off playlist random mode (0 or 1)
vlc/command/loop <mode> Turn on or off playlist loop mode (0 or 1)


Sent from VLC to client.

Direction Topic Payload Description
vlc/status/playlist <json> A JSON representation of the playlist is sent whenever the playlist changes.
vlc/status/state <state> This retained message is sent by VLC whenever the player changes state:
  • opening
  • buffering
  • playing
  • paused
  • stopped
  • ended
  • error
  • notconnected
vlc/status/playing <json> Information about the currently playing item as JSON is sent whenever a new item starts playing.
vlc/status/time Progress through the current stream as decimal seconds
vlc/status/length Duration of current stream as decimal seconds
vlc/status/volume <vol> The current volume between 0 and 255 (inclusive)