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Module: deinterlace
Type Video output filter
First VLC version -
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description Deinterlacing video filter
Shortcut(s) -


  • sout-deinterlace-mode <string> {discard,blend,mean,bob,linear,x,yadif,yadif2x,phosphor,ivtc} : Streaming deinterlace mode. Deinterlace method to use for streaming
  • sout-deinterlace-phosphor-chroma <integer> {1,2,3,4} : Phosphor chroma mode for 4:2:0 input. Choose handling for colours in those output frames that fall across input frame boundaries.
    • Latest (1): take chroma from new (bright) field. Good for interlaced input, such as videos from a camcorder
    • AltLine (2): take chroma line 1 from top field, line 2 from bottom field, etc. Default, good for NTSC telecined input (anime DVDs, etc.)
    • Blend (3): average input field chromas. May distort the colours of the new (bright) field, too
    • Upconvert (4): output in 4:2:2 format (independent chroma for each field). Best simulation, but requires more CPU and memory bandwidth default value: 2
  • sout-deinterlace-phosphor-dimmer <integer> {1,2,3,4} : Phosphor old field dimmer strength: 1 (Off), 2 (Low), 3 (Medium), 4 (High). This controls the strength of the darkening filter that simulates CRT TV phosphor light decay for the old field in the Phosphor framerate default value: 2
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