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See also: CD
Module: cdda
Type Access
First VLC version ≤ 0.8
Last VLC version -
Operating system(s) all
Description Read a CD
Shortcut(s) cdda, cddasimple

The option --cd-audio is new as of [98dd4c30db57f88a92be16aa694f5d9fda08c15c] (2016). The option --cdda-caching (seems) to be deprecated as of [43bb27d91ce344eee93df3c956cd2513e3eecc3c] (2018).

The options --cdda-track plays a particular track (like @track does). --cdda-first-sector and cdda-last-sector seem to be hints to VLC to skip disk sectors at the beginning or end.

  • cd-audio <string> : Audio CD device
  • cdda-track <integer> : NULL default value: 0
  • cdda-first-sector <integer> : NULL default value: -1
  • cdda-last-sector <integer> : NULL default value: -1
  • cddb-server <string> : Address of the CDDB server to use default value:
  • cddb-port <integer [1 .. 65535]> : CDDB Server port to use default value: 80

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