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Here are the following companies which back VideoLAN.



The French ISP Free S.A.S hosts 3 of our servers in one of their data centres near Paris.
Free is also using VLC media player for their FreePlayer project.

Free hosted and sponsored our first DevDays in 2008.


Gandi is a one of most popular registrars in France and in Europe. Founded in 1999, and based in Paris and in London, it has a long history of quality, proximity to people and decent prices.
Gandi has always cultivated its difference and humanity, and supports many projects following VideoLAN's ideals.

Gandi supports VideoLAN by managing their domain names and helping the VideoLAN association in various administrative tasks.

Puget Systems

Puget Systems donated an Echo II to the project to aid in development of GPU acceleration on Intel graphics.
Puget Systems is well known for their quiet computers, exceptional customer service, and the ever-popular Aquarium Computer. They offer a multitude of custom-built computers ranging from gaming and desktop, to liquid-cooled and trading computers.


Panasonic Deutschland, a division of Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH, lent us a SC-XH150 setup consisting of a S/PDIF-input-capable DVD player and a 5.1 speaker set, which allowed us to fix the optical audio output on OS X Lion.


HP gave us a DL385 server which is now running most of the VideoLAN web sites and development tools : WWW, Forum, Downloads, SVN and Trac. This web server was shipped with two AMD Opteron 2.4 GHz CPUs, 8 GB RAM and 436 GB SCSI hard drives. VideoLAN also won a nice HP laptop at Journées du Libre.

Former partners


IBM gave servers to VIA to host VideoLAN services and awarded VideoLAN in the Linux Challenge, an international challenge for open source projects developed by university students.