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This page contains a list of common questions and problems (FAQ) that users have about the Android port of VLC media player.


VLC is not available in my country

Sorry, it is possible that VLC is not available on the Play Store for your country.

But you can also install VLC by yourself from an APK package. See the Android Documentation.

VLC is not compatible with my device

On the Google Play Store, VLC for Android is only available in two versions, depending on your device's processor: ARMv7 (and above) or Intel x86.

But you can find other versions here, such as ARMv6.

Is Chormecast supported?

No, Chromecast is not yet supported, but we are working on it.

Is there a easy way to play remote files stored on my Samba server (or something equivalent)?

Not for now, but we are working on it.

I'm having problems with HD videos, such as freezing or lagging

We still have some issues with HD videos and we are working on performance, but have you tried to modify the performance preferences?

  • Force video chroma: set to YUV
  • Deblocking filter settings: adjust the level
  • Hardware accelerated decoding: enable

Try each option one by one until you find a configuration that works for you.

Hardware acceleration doesn't work on my device

Sorry, hardware acceleration may not work with all devices.

I can't find a specific feature

The best way to make a suggestion is to create a 'feature request' ticket on the VLC ticket tracker.

I found a bug

That's great! Please read the Android bug reporting guide and help us.

When will the final version come?

Probably one day... but the current version already works pretty well for most purposes.