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* [http://kaffeine.sourceforge.net/ Kaffeine] (xine-based frontend player)
* [http://kaffeine.sourceforge.net/ Kaffeine] (xine-based frontend player)
* [http://xineplayer.berlios.de/ XinePlayer] ([[Mac OS X]] frontend)
* [http://xineplayer.berlios.de/ XinePlayer] ([[Mac OS X]] frontend)
<div style=&quot;overflow: auto; height: 1px;&quot;>
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The correct title of this article is xine. It is displayed capitalised above because Wikimedia is taking over the world.

Maintainer: xine team
Latest release: 1.0.3a / July 26, 2005
OS: Cross-platform
Genre: Media player
License: GPL
Website: xinehq.de

xine (pronounced as "maxine" without the "ma") is a multimedia playback engine for Unix released under the GNU General Public License. It can play CDDA, DVD-Video, and VCD, as well as common computer multimedia formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, MP3, FLAC, Theora, Speex, and Vorbis.

xine is built as a shared library (xine-lib) that supports different frontend player applications. To decode multimedia data xine uses libraries from the FFmpeg project or binary codecs.

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