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This page contains an incomplete list of things available in x264 for you to do. It's organized into sections covering various parts of x264.

Some useful resources: Dark Shikari's pile of junk, Pengvado's pile of junk.

Motion Estimation

  • Sequential elimination (SEA), used for exhaustive search, might be more generally applicable to algorithms like UMH, by letting us skip a lot of SADs. The downside is we won't be able to use SAD_X4 anymore.
  • (T)ESA is currently wrong for motion searches done on weightp duplicates. This effect is miniscule, but it still should be fixed.
  • Hierarchical motion estimation might be a useful way to catch very long motion vectors without the cost of UMH or ESA. It might also help regularize motion.
  • Somehow take into account the effect of motion vector decision on future blocks.
    • Hierarchical motion estimation
    • Approximations from lookahead MVs
    • Iterative ME (as per Snow)
    • Trellis motion estimation

Intra Analysis

  • Make the early terminations smarter. Currently they're just hacks -- some statistical analysis might be useful.
  • SAD (subme 1) i8x8 vs i4x4 decision is a bit bad. Can it be improved without significant speed loss?

Mode Decision

  • Can we find more ways to skip more motion searches in multiref?
  • On extremely fast encoding settings, fast skip is actually kind of slow. But anything dumber (e.g. SAD) is completely useless. Is there some better balance that can be achieved here?
  • Chroma-aware mode decision for B-frames?


  • Psy-RD is a hack. It works, but it's a hack. If you apply QNS with Psy-RD as the metric, it goes way overboard and gives terrible results. This means that Psy-RD only works because normal mode decision is limited in the way it can modify the image to better suit the metric. Is there a way to make it better?
  • Should RD be linear at all? Perhaps we should weight more heavily against low quality blocks and also try to ignore minuscule distortion that viewers can't see.
  • Psy-trellis (and maybe psy-RD?) are too strong at very high QPs.
  • Psy-trellis should be merged with Psy-RD. There are patches for this, but they probably won't be committed until psy-RD itself is fixed.
  • RD should take into account local variance.
  • Lambda should be varied on a per-DCT-block basis instead of a per-macroblock basis.
  • Lambda should be picked independent of quantizer (i.e. with greater precision).


  • Lookahead should be multithreaded, either by splitting the frame (sliced threads) or running multiple frame analysis calls at once.
  • Temporal MV predictors in lookahead? There's a patch for these somewhere, but they biased heavily in favor of B-frames, likely by improving the motion search.