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'''Outcome''': A regression test script (in Bash, Perl, Python, or similar)<br>
'''Outcome''': A regression test script (in Bash, Perl, Python, or similar)<br>
'''Difficulty''': medium<br>
'''Difficulty''': medium<br>
'''Tools''': x264, JM, ffmpeg, Linux<br>
'''Tools''': x264, JM, ffmpeg, Linux, git<br>
'''Time''': 3 days<br>
'''Time''': 3 days<br>
'''Mentor''': Dark Shikari<br>
'''Mentor''': Dark Shikari<br>

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Google Code In

This page is about gathering ideas for the x264 project for acceptance in the Google Code In 2010-2011 program.

x264 has been part of Videolan's Google Summer of Code in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Ideas for x264


This is a temporary page for listing ideas for Google Code-in tasks.

The final tasks will be moved to melange, when needed.


Category: Quality Assurance
Description: Automated regression test tool
Details: x264 has no standard regression test tool, and all the developers rely on their own scripts. An automated regression test tool should be able to:

  • Test any two revisions against each other.
  • Test a wide variety of x264 settings combinations. We can help you here by giving you some of the existing scripts.
  • Report the status of a revision: working (basic regression test passes), broken (basic regression test fails), crash, etc.
  • Report the difference between any two revisions (output differs, output is identical, which tests' output differs, etc).

Outcome: A regression test script (in Bash, Perl, Python, or similar)
Difficulty: medium
Tools: x264, JM, ffmpeg, Linux, git
Time: 3 days
Mentor: Dark Shikari


For ANY question, contact User:Dark Shikari, preferably on IRC.

IRC channel: #x264dev on irc://irc.freenode.net