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Windows service (called ntservice) is feature in VLC, which allows to run VLC as Windows service.

Usage help

copied from here

This config can be usefull to broadcast remote stations, recording internet radio propuse, etc.

I am sending you the final configuration for future reference:

1. To install the services, go to de command prompt Start->Run->cmd

2. Then go to the VLC install directory. (for example cd c:\software\vlc)

3. Install the Autoplay Stream Service, with an http Administrative remote console on ports 1080 and 1081.

3.1. Autoplay for radio station #1 (Clasical), output device directX audio #1: vlc -I ntservice --ntservice-install --ntservice-name=VLC-CLASICAL --ntservice-extraintf=http --ntservice-options="--http-host= --volume=250 --directx-audio-device=1 --directx-audio-float32 --force-dolby-surround=2"

3.2. Autoplay for radio station #2 (Jazz), output device directX audio #2: vlc -I ntservice --ntservice-install --ntservice-name=VLC-JAZZ --ntservice-extraintf=http --ntservice-options="--http-host= --volume=250 --directx-audio-device=2 --directx-audio-float32 --force-dolby-surround=2"

4. Optional, add Service Description. 4.1. Run regedit 4.2. Goto HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services 4.3. Locate the Key with the same name you use on 3.1 or 3.2 (The service name) 4.4. Add a new String Value, the Key must be "Description" write whatever you want as service description.

5. Optional, add Service dependancy If you want this service to depend on another to delay execution, add a Key "DependOnService" of type REG_MULTI_SZ and write there the service name that this service is dependant. I put this service dependant on Tcpip service, this way the service VLC-CLASICAL does not start after having connection to the IP Network.