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<div style="float: right;">__TOC__</div>
Sie haben ein cooles VideoLAN-Projekt? Schreiben Sie bitte einen Link mit einer kurzen Beschreibung hier rein.<br />
Feel free to add a link and brief description for your website or company below, as long as it uses VideoLAN / VLC media player.
For fairness please keep it in alphabetical order. Thank you!
=====Advene project=====
: Advene (Annotate DVDs, Exchange on the Net) aims at providing a format to share annotations about movies stored on DVDs, as well as tools to edit and visualize the annotations. It uses VLC to play/extract info from the DVD's
: [http://liris.cnrs.fr/advene/ website]
: Annodex is a system for metadata, hyperlinking and browing media content. Their webmodule uses a customized version of our mozilla plugin
: http://annodex.net
=====The Balloon=====
: [http://www.maveric.org.uk/mavhome.html JediMaster and friends] are building a Mars balloon at the Univertsity of Kent which uses VideoLAN to stream images back to earth. Some [http://www.maveric.org.uk/photos/testing/ Images].
: http://www.maveric.org.uk
: [http://www.itais.net/controlaula/ ControlAulas] uses videolan to transmit video between students and teachers in a virtual classroom situation. It's part of the [http://linex.org gnuLinex] project and the source is available [http://forjamari.linex.org/projects/controlaulas/ here].
=====Cory Doctorow=====
: Writer [http://www.craphound.com/ Cory Doctorow] uses VLC Player [http://www.boingboing.net/2004/03/26/vlc_will_play_itunes.html] [http://www.msversus.org/node/234].
=====Cypherpunk version of MacBeth=====
: People at [http://www.pirateutopia.org/ Pirate Utopia] are using VLC in a MacBeth-inspired show to display ASCII-art video.
: http://www.pirateutopia.org/macbeth/techie.htm
: This is mainly a program to watch TV on PC with a dbox-2. It provides the stream in network and over the internet and takes advanced usage of VLC over libvlc.dll.
: http://www.dschaek.de/
=====Distributed VideoLAN Server Management=====
: Bart Kerver from [[SURFnet]] has created software to manage multiple VideoLAN servers.
: http://speeldoos.showcase.surfnet.nl/dvlsm/
=====Miro Player=====
: "Miro(formly as Democracy). The only video player you need." is a player focused on Internet TV. It uses {{VLC}} as a back-end on Windows.
: [http://www.getmiro.com/ Get Miro player]
: Dispositif d'Enregistrement Numérique pour la Télévision sur Internet par Flux Reçus En Environnement mac osX
: http://coolercolors.free.fr/forum
=====Elephant's Dream=====
: Community-developed movie using free tools - free with creative commons license.
: http://www.elephantsdream.org/
: Free ADSL uses VideoLAN around it's multi-function ADSL Modem and TV adapter as well. ''La fonction [http://adsl.free.fr/tv/multiposte/ Multiposte] permet de visionner les chaînes TV sur un ordinateur avec un client VLC. Le [http://www.freeplayer.org/portal.php?pid=6 FreePlayer] permet de visioner des vidéo ou d'écouter des fichier audio d'un ordinateur sur la télévision en utilisant VLC.''
: http://adsl.free.fr/
=====Google, inc.=====
: As previously announced [http://www.boingboing.net/2005/06/26/google_to_launch_onl.html] [http://battellemedia.com/archives/001658.php], Google's video search used to use a browser plugin based on VLC.
: http://video.google.com/
=====Kantaris Media Player=====
: [http://www.kantaris.org/ Kantaris] is a new all-in-one media player that uses {{VLC}} for video playback and Bass audio library for audio playback.
: http://www.kantaris.org/
=====Las Vegas Security Lines=====
: On the Las Vegas Airport, people in line for the security checks are treated to some 'how to keep the line as short as possible' movies. These movies are being streamed with VLC.
: [http://www.usatoday.com/travel/news/2004-10-05-vegas-airport_x.htm An article about this project]
: Metavid uses the vlc mozilla plugin in a part of an all open source archive which aims to facilitate real-time collective [re]mediation of legislative proceedings.
: http://metavid.org
: Mírame is a video surveillance web-based application that uses VLC to display MPEG-4 streams from [http://www.axis.com/products/video/camera/ Axis Network Cameras]
: http://www.mirame.net/
=====Neuros OSD2=====
: The [http://wiki.neurostechnology.com/index.php/OSD_2.0_HD Neuros OSD2] is a networked, open video recording and playback '''device''' (it's hardware) that uses VLC to allow playback of a variety of content directly on the TV.  Likewise, recording from any analog source is supported.
=====Neutrino MoviePlayer=====
: The [http://www.dbox2.info Neutrino] [http://www.giggo.de/dbox2/movieplayer.html MoviePlayer] now uses VLC so users can stream the movies on their computer to a a DBox.
=====OSSTL: Open Source Studio to Transmitter Link (STL)=====
: A Studio to Transmitter Link created with (mostly) Open Source Software (In use by a local FM and two local AM radio stations)
: http://jasonellison.net/projects.html
=====Østfold University College=====
:[http://media.hiof.no/ Østfold University College] uses VLC to transcode and stream radio and TV channels from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) in Ogg Vorbis and MP3; record and transcode meetings of the Norwegian Parliament; and to transcode the Norwegian movie heritage to MPEG-4 format (in co-operation with the Norwegian Film Institute).
=====Participatory Culture Foundation=====
: DTV is a webbased player for their RSS based videoblogging system that uses our mozilla plugin
: http://www.participatoryculture.org/
: They have a vlc module for their system. Exact use unknown.
: http://plutohome.com/
: SEMs is a University of North Dakota public outreach project that uses VLC to webcast eclipses and transits to the world.
: http://www.sems.und.edu/
: This application is based on VLC and uses Bonjour announcements to share video broadcasts.
: http://www.trystx.com/
: UmeTV is a local TV channel in Umeå, Sweden. Anyone in Umeå with cable (>30,000 households) or UmeNet IPTV can see the channel. VideoLAN VLC is used to transfer live broadcasts via IP to the broadcasting Linux system.
: http://umetv.se/
: This is a Mozilla Firefox extension for finding and playing videos from web pages. Some of it's features use VLC Player.
: http://compunach.co.nr/unplug
: This is a filesystem for mounting remote protocols such as http, ftp, ...  libvlc is used for streaming remote files.
: http://urifs.sourceforge.net
=====VLC Controller=====
: This Extension to Sailing Clicker to allow you to use a PDA or phone to control VLC trough a bluetooth connection.
: [http://www.snarb.tk/ website]
=====VLC Remote=====
: A very nice Dashboard widget that uses the VLC webinterface to control a remote VLC.
: [http://www.autopoetic.com/vlcremote/ VLC remote hompage].
=====VLC Romeo Plugins=====
: Plugins to use Romeo to control VLC trough a bluetooth PDA or phone.
: [http://homepage.mac.com/WebObjects/FileSharing.woa/wa/default?user=srouet&templatefn=FileSharing4.html&xmlfn=TKDocument.4.xml&sitefn=RootSite.xml&aff=consumer&cty=US&lang=en website]

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