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User-side requirements

  • working hotkeys in embed, windowed, or fullscreen mode
    • Partially related to GUI, but some work will have to be done, see lower
  • ability to position subtitles virtually anywhere (eg outside the picture)
    • Ok, planned. See vout_render, cropping/padding
  • screen-resolution OSD
    • Planned, see subpictures
  • ability to switch from embed to windowed vouts with the mouse
  • screenshots
    • Already existing ... Want something more ? Answer: yes. The current architecture is meant for interactive use, but is not really usable from an external application embedding VLC (cf MediaControlAPI for an example). Screenshot functionality should at least provide :
      • the ability to use a destination other than a file (think embedded)
      • a small cache of pictures to take into account the reaction time
      • precise timestamp of the snapshot (in movie time)
      • Replace image video output cleanly
  • close helper vouts without stopping the stream
    • More or less planned
  • chained video filters
  • on-the-fly AR correction
  • enable/disable video filters on the fly
    • Should work, currently buggy (suxxor thread suxxing). Planned
  • stream video filters with stream output (eg start a stream, deinterlace it, invert the colors, distort the picture, add a logo and a rss feed and stream the result to your grandmother).
  • Screensaver desactivation
  • Screensaver output : maybe having sub-module with screensaver capatibilities and a way to ask the core to use a screensaver module instead of a regular vout module