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For more on the concepts (not very formalized) please see VoutRework

  • Make a SVN branch (0.8.5-vout)
  • Make the vout singleton that manages windows and inputs
    • Create the singleton
    • Create the notion of vout_window , vout_region, vout_input. See VoutRework
  • Make the Great Unified Crop/Pad/AR thing
    • Core part
    • Modular part (standard C, or using OS capabilities)
  • Rework SPU Unit
    • Allow "absolute timing" (OSD) or "stream timing" (subs)
    • Ability to work at video resolution (DVD Subs) or output resolution (OSD, text subs) (handled in vout)
  • Sort the filters mess
  • Add ability to add "video_filter2" in the chain
  • Add additionnal flags to windows
  • Fix hotkeys so they act on the selected window
  • Fix subtitles