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VCD or Video CD is a way of storing video content on a CD. VCDs are lower quality than a DVD, and can store about 70 minutes of data.

You can play a VCD in VLC by selecting Open Disc from the File menu, and selecting the VCD option. Alternatively, you can use vcd:// as a location of a file to open on the command line:

vlc vcd://D:

or, on linux systems:

vlc vcd:///dev/dvd

Technical specifications

According to Wikipedia and, the specification of a Video CD is:

  • Video format MPEG-1, at 1150 kbit/s (kilobits/sec).
    • NTSC: Resolution of 352x240 at 29,97 frames/sec (NTSC)
    • PAL: Resolution of 352x288 at 25 frames/sec
  • Audio format MPEG Layer 2 Audio at 224 kbit/s, 44100 Hz.