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VideoLAN projects

Active projects

Here is a short list of the main projects hosted by the VideoLAN project:


  • libdvdcss, a C library to access DVDs without having to bother about the decryption.
  • libdvbpsi, a C library to decode and generate MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables.
  • libdca, a DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder.

Deprecated, old projects and libraries

  • VLS is a streaming server, used for professional streaming solutions. The VLC media player can now do the same. Please use the VLC media player.
  • VLCS, the mini VideoLAN Channel Server, can tell the client what is the multicast address associated to a channel.
  • VLMS, the VideoLAN Mini Server.
  • libdvdplay, is a simple library designed for DVD navigation. It depends on libdvdread (which can optionally use libdvdcss). Use libdvdnav.

SVN Hosted by VideoLAN projects

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