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* {{tl|VLC:latest version}} will show the latest version of VLC
* {{tl|VLC:latest version}} will show the latest version of VLC
* {{tl|Font colour}}
* {{tl|Font colour}}
=== Editing tips ===
* Use the editing toolbar to help you; it provides buttons to help you out.
* Keep things simple, and don't be afraid to make mistakes.
== See also ==
== See also ==

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See also: Documentation:EditingGuidelines

Please follow these guidelines when editing this wiki.
There will be more guidelines later.

The basics

Note: You can practice editing at the Sandbox page whenever you like.

This wiki uses something called "wikimarkup", a way to include plain text on a page and modify how it looks. This is similar to both Wikipedia's markup and HTML.

If you have a minute, learn the basics of editing: a one-page summary and an extensive manual are available at the English Wikipedia.
If you want to "dive right in", find the Edit Toolbar (directly above the edit box) and use the buttons and the dropdown help for assistance.

Common conventions and best practices

  • Many articles explain how to manipulate code within VLC. It is standard practice to visually separate large chunks of code from the body of the article in order to make it easier to read. You can do this in several ways:
    • begin lines of code with a single space
    • wrap the code in the tag <pre>...</pre>
    • use the in-line tag <code>...</code>
  • While making numbered lists, prefer list-making wikicode over manual lists; it makes managing large lists much easier
  • Generally the best way to link to other websites is with descriptive text. Users don't know where links go (within the wiki, Wikipedia, or another site) until they click the link
  • To end a line, use either two new lines (a single new line will be ignored) or the HTML entity <br />
  • Avoid adding in-line notes such as FIXME or BROKEN LINK within articles—use the templates {{Check}} and {{Dead link}} instead. This will add an in-text visual reminder and will automatically add the page to maintenance categories
  • If a page is very short or needs work, place {{Stub}} at either the top or bottom of the page (somewhere out-of-the-way but visible) to help draw attention and add it to Category:Stubs

Useful things

See also