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''See also: [[:Category:Templates]] and [[Help:Templates]]''
''See also: [[Help:Templates]], [[:Category:Templates]], and [[Sandbox|Sandbox (testing) area]]''
== Formatting ==
== Formatting ==

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See also: Help:Templates, Category:Templates, and Sandbox (testing) area


Name Description
{{Clear}} If there are elements (e.g. wikipedia box) to the left or right of the page, this will place text under those, rather than beside it.
{{Lowercase}} If the initial letter of article title should be lowercase (e.g. libdvbpsi) add this to the top of the article.
{{Anchoring space}} Adds space for anchoring along with the associated message "This space is left blank to make anchoring work correctly".

Interwiki links

Name Description
{{Mmwiki}} Box to Multimedia Wiki
{{Website}} Box to official website
{{Wikipedia}} Box to Wikipedia:
{{Xiph}} Box to Xiph Wiki
{{Open}} Marks free open source projects

Links to VLC project

Name Description
{{Doc}} Link to documentation
{{Faqlink}} Link to FAQs
{{Forum}} Link to forum thread
{{File}} Link to source code
{{VLCSourceFile}} Same as {{File}} but does not add a leading bullet


Name Description
{{Check}} Adds [Please check] and adds to Category:Pages to check
{{Dead link}} Adds [dead link] and adds to Category:Pages with broken links
{{Delete}} Places a page in Category:Delete for deletion.
{{Historical}} Tags obsolete pages as being for historical purposes only.
{{Merge}} Request for a page merge.
{{Stub}} Is a stub. Adds to Category:Stubs

Page type banners

Name Description
{{Documentation}} Marks as being from the official documentation
{{Howto}} Marks as part of the how to pages
{{Mux}} Marks as a container.
{{Codec audio}} Marks as an audio codec.
{{Codec video}} Marks as a video codec.
{{Protocol}} Marks as an access module (http, cdda, etc).
{{Top box}} A box with a square and a bit for text, used for {{mux}}, etc.
{{example code}} Page is example code

Yes and no

Test status
Name Description
{{Yes}} Yes
{{No}} No
{{Ok}} Ok / Upgradable
{{Partial}} Partial
{{Middle}} Middle
{{Untested}} untested ???
{{Up-to-date}} Up-to-date
Name Description
{{Needed}} X
{{UnNeeded}} -


Name Description
{{Module}} Module info box
{{Option}} Module option


Name Description
{{Navbox}} The classic navigational box used to create navigational aids in the wiki.
{{Languages}} Navigation box for translations of this wiki. Please read the associated documentation before using!
{{Compat}} Asks for compatibility information, e.g. for hardware.
{{Tl}} For templates, does the groovy {{tl}} thing.
{{Unsupported}} Not compatible box
{{VLC}} Expands to VLC media player.
{{VLC icon}} Expands to the VLC icon LargeVLC.png.
{{VLC:latest version}} Expands to VLC latest version. Currently 3.0.12
{{Checkmark}} Expands to a checkmark Yes
{{Done}} Expands to the text Yes Done
{{%}} Expands to % for use at the start of console stuff
{{!}} Expands to the vertical bar for use inside templates
{{GPL}} GPL notice ("Permission is granted to...")
{{CVE}} Link to a CVE.
{{US-CERT}} Link to a US-CERT Vulnerability Notice.
{{VideoLAN-SA}} Link to a VideoLAN Security Advisory.