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Administrators (also called "admins" or "sysops") are users of this wiki entrusted with powerful tools to help run the site.
Below are a summary of the permissions of both standard users and administrators.

Regular users are able to:

Administrators are able to perform these actions as well as:

  • edit otherwise restricted pages
  • delete pages
    • view or restore pages from the 'deleted pages' hidden archive
  • combat vandalism
    • quickly undo the most recent edits a single user has made to any page
    • protect or un-protect pages depending on how often they are targeted for vandalism
    • block users that vandalise repeatedly
    • take further actions to combat spam and vandalism

At first glance this would appear to be an unfair distribution of power, but it's just the Principle of least privilege. Regular users are allowed to clean up vandalism and thereby protect the wiki, but administrators often concern themselves with dealing with spammers, abusive editors, and technical matters.
Administrators still have to follow the rules of the community.