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This page is intended to help to know who's who in the VideoLAN organisation.

You don't have to have a SVN write access to put your name here. If you hang out frequently on IRC or on the forum write your name here.

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VideoLAN Team

You can add yourself to the list following alphabetical order.

VideoLAN Team
Real name IRC Nick SVN login wiki login Forum login
Filippo Carone littlejohn littlejohn ? ?
Rafaël Carré funman funman Funman funman
Antoine Cellerier dionoea dionoea Dionoea dionoea
Jerome Decoodt DiDjCodt djc ? ?
Rémi Denis-Courmont courmish courmish Courmisch Rémi Denis-Courmont
Pierre d'Herbemont pdherbemont pdherbemont Pdherbemont pdherbemont
Damien Fouilleul Quovodis damienf Quovodis ?
Sam Hocevar sam sam Sam Hocevar
Jean-Baptiste Kempf j-b jb J-b j-b
Pavlov Konstantin thresh thresh Thresh thresh
Felix Paul Kühne feepk fkuehne Fkuehne feepk
Christophe Massiot Meuuh meuuh ? ?
Christophe Mutricy xtophe xtophe ? ?
Ilkka Ollakka ILEoo ileoo ? ?
Faustino Osuna riquedafreak riquedafreak Riquedafreak riquedafreak
Yoann Peronneau yoannp yoann Yoann yoann
Bernie Purcel ? bitmap ? ?
Jean-Paul Saman jpsaman jpsaman jpsaman jpsaman
Clément Stenac zorglub zorglub ? ?
Olivier Teulière ipkiss ipkiss Ipkiss ipkiss

See also

  • M2X - a company founded by Jean-Paul Saman