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* ganesh.videolan.org
* ganesh.videolan.org
* developers.videolan.org
* developers.videolan.org
* downloads.videolan.org
* download.videolan.org, downloads.videolan.org
* ftp.videolan.org
* ftp.videolan.org
* forum.videolan.org
* forum.videolan.org

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VideoLAN public sites






  • ganesh.videolan.org
  • developers.videolan.org
  • download.videolan.org, downloads.videolan.org
  • ftp.videolan.org
  • forum.videolan.org
  • lists.videolan.org
  • mirrors.videolan.org
  • planet.videolan.org
  • paste.videolan.org
  • stats.videolan.org
  • svn.videolan.org
  • trac.videolan.org
  • update.videolan.org
  • www.videolan.org

The primary web and FTP server Hosted in one of FREE S.A.S' datacenter.


  • altair.videolan.org
  • buildbot.videolan.org
  • nightlies.videolan.org
  • people.videolan.org
  • git-soc.videolan.org

It is the dev server, that hosts the automatic builds. Hosted at VIA.


It is one of VIA's servers.

  • wiki.videolan.org

Epsilon (Shipped back, RIP)

  • epsilon.videolan.org

Used to be... Mac Intel Developer Preview machine Also a nightly build machine for Mac OS X Intel. Hosted at VIA.


  • jones.videolan.org
  • streams.videolan.org
  • hudson.videolan.org

Mac Pro (Intel) build bot machine for Mac OS X Intel. Hosted at VIA. Named after Christmas Jones


  • veda.student.utwente.nl

PowerMac - 1.8Ghz Dual, 750MB RAM Primary Mac OS X PowerPC development machine. Hosts the nightly build client for the OSX PowerPC platform. Hosted by TheDJ.


  • deneb.student.utwente.nl

Imac 17" - 2Ghz DC, 1GB RAM Primary Mac OS X Intel development machine. Hosts the nightly build client for the OSX Intel platform. Hosted by TheDJ.


  • skanda.videolan.org
  • git.videolan.org

Hosted by OVH with donations of Actech. For more information contact Remiii.

Some server pictures can be found on: http://people.videolan.org/~dionoea/servers/

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