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Problems with subtitles

What is the problem with subtitles?

VLC does not render the subtitles correctly

Subtitles are replaced with question marks or squares. Go!

Disable hardcoded subtitles

VLC cannot disable hardcoded subtitles. Go!

VLC doesn't display all subtitles

Some subtitles are not properly displayed in VLC. Go!

Pause disabled by dragging subtitles

Dragging and dropping the subtitles to VLC disables pause Go!

SSA and ASS subtitles look horrible

SSA and ASS subtitles look horrible and don't support all styles Go!

How do I...

Change font?

How do I change the font or the font colour? Go!

Select the right subtitle track?

How can I choose a specific subtitle track? Go!

Adjust subtitle delay?

How do I change the delay for the subtitles? Go!

Change subtitle text encoding?

How do I change the type of subtitle encoding? Go!

Select a unicode font?

How can I select a Unicode font, so I can watch e.g. Chinese subtitles? Go!

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