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Subtitle Issues

Problems with subtitles

What is the problem with subtitles?

Disable hardcoded subtitles

VLC cannot disable hardcoded subtitles. Go!}

Pause disabled by dragging subtitles

Dragging and dropping the subtitles to VLC disables pause Go!}

SSA and ASS subtitles look horrible

SSA and ASS subtitles look horrible and don't support all styles Go!}

How do I...

Change font?

How do I change the font or the font colour? Go!

Select the right subtitle track?

How can I choose a specific subtitle track? Go!

Adjust subtitle delay?

How do I change the delay for the subtitles? Go!

Change subtitle text encoding?

How do I change the type of subtitle encoding? Go!

Select a unicode font?

How can I select a Unicode font, so I can watch e.g. Chinese subtitles? Go!

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