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DVDs wont play in Linux

This tip is only intended for Linux users who can't play any DVD.

Maybe you don't have the libdvdcss package, which you need if you want to play DVDs with VLC.
You can get the libdvdcss package here.

You can try to check about you have the access rights for your DVD player.
Make sure you have access rigths to your DVD player. In linux, you can use chmod to edit access rights to your DVD block device: #chmod 666 /dev/dvd

Here /dev/dvd is the device corresponding to your DVD drive.

Make sure VLC knows where your DVD drive is located (/dev/dvd usually).

Go to Settings>Preferences>Input/Codecs>General and under "Default devices" make sure your dvd drive path is entered in the "Default DVD" box.

When you go to open a DVD, you should see something like "dvd:///dev/dvd" as the media resource locator in the "Open:" box near the top of the Open dialog.

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