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Audio Playback Issue

I have a (VLC) problem

Lack of Audio

No sound at all. Go!

Poor Quality Audio

The audio is not good (and it's not the track). Go!

Audio anomalies

à sup Go!

Audio anomalies with SPDIF passthrough

à sup Go!

Dialog, conversations etc. problem while playing 5.1 audio

à sup Go!

Audio and Video are out of sync

Audio and video do not seem to be synchronized. Go!

Audio Normalization

You are having troubles adjusting the volume in movies; music, explosions, gunshots, etc. being too loud or conversations being too quiet. Go!

How do I...

Adjust audio delay

How do I adjust audio delay? Go!

Play external audio

How can I play external audio tracks with video? Go!

Change my output device?

If you've got multiple output devices, this is how you change. Go!

Fine tune volume control

If you have a coarse volume control, this is how you tune it. Go!


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