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Audio Playback Issue

I have a (VLC) problem

Lack of Audio

No sound at all. Go!

Poor Quality Audio

The audio is not good (and it's not the track). Go!

Audio anomalies

Crackles, pops, hizzes and other audio anomalies Go!

Audio anomalies with SPDIF passthrough

Crackles, pops, hizzes and other audio anomalies with SPDIF passthrough Go!

Dialog, conversations etc. problem while playing 5.1 audio

I don't hear dialog, conversations etc. while playing 5.1 audio Go!

MP4 or 3GP files with no audio

Some MP4 or 3GP files don't have audio at all Go!

DirectShow Capture without sound

No Sound on DirectShow Capture Go!

How do I...

Adjust audio delay

How do I adjust audio delay? Go!

Play external audio

How can I play external audio tracks with video? Go!

Change my output device?

If you've got multiple output devices, this is how you change. Go!

Fine tune volume control

If you have a coarse volume control, this is how you tune it. Go!


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