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As you may have noticed the command vlc --help is not very useful due to to the none scrollable pop-up window that opened.

If you look for help, on a particular module, use vlc -p module --advanced

So here the output of vlc --longhelp --advanced as of 2nd February 2005.

     --audio, --noaudio         Enable audio (default enabled)
      --volume <integer>         Audio output volume
      --saved-volume <integer>   Audio output saved volume
      --aout-rate <integer>      Audio output frequency (Hz)
      --hq-resampling, --no-hq-resampling
                                 High quality audio resampling (default
      --spdif, --nospdif         Use the S/PDIF audio output when available
                                 (default disabled)
      --audio-desync <integer>   Audio desynchronization compensation
      --aout <string>            Audio output module
      --audio-filter <string>    Audio filters
      --audio-visual <string>    Audio visualizations
  -A, --audio-channel-mixer <string>
                                 Channel mixer
      --video, --novideo         Enable video (default enabled)
      --width <integer>          Video width
      --height <integer>         Video height
      --video-x <integer>        Video x coordinate
      --video-y <integer>        Video y coordinate
      --video-deco, --no-video-deco
                                 Window decorations (default enabled)
      --video-title <string>     Video title
      --align <integer>          Video alignment
      --zoom <float>             Zoom video
      --grayscale, --nograyscale Grayscale video output (default disabled)
  -f, --fullscreen, --nofullscreen
                                 Fullscreen video output (default disabled)
      --skip-frames, --no-skip-frames
                                 Skip frames (default enabled)
      --overlay, --nooverlay     Overlay video output (default enabled)
      --video-on-top, --no-video-on-top
                                 Always on top (default disabled)
      --aspect-ratio <string>    Source aspect ratio
      --snapshot-path <string>   Video snapshot directory
      --snapshot-format {png,jpg}
                                 Video snapshot format
  -V, --vout <string>            Video output module
      --filter <string>          Video filter module
      --osd, --noosd             On Screen Display (default enabled)
      --sub-autodetect-file, --no-sub-autodetect-file
                                 Autodetect subtitle files (default enabled)
      --sub-autodetect-fuzzy <integer>
                                 Subtitle autodetection fuzziness
      --sub-autodetect-path <string>
                                 Subtitle autodetection paths
      --sub-file <string>        Use subtitle file
      --spumargin <integer>      Force SPU position
      --sub-filter <string>      Subpictures filter module
      --program <integer>        Choose program (SID)
      --programs <string>        Choose programs
      --audio-channel <integer>  Choose audio channel
      --spu-channel <integer>    Choose subtitles track
      --input-repeat <integer>   Input repetitions
      --start-time <integer>     Input start time (seconds)
      --stop-time <integer>      Input stop time (seconds)
      --input-list <string>      Input list
      --input-slave <string>     Input slave (experimental)
      --bookmarks <string>       Bookmarks list for a stream
      --dvd <string>             DVD device
      --vcd <string>             VCD device
      --cd-audio <string>        Audio CD device
      --server-port <integer>    UDP port
      --mtu <integer>            MTU of the network interface
      --iface-addr <string>      Network interface address
  -6, --ipv6, --noipv6           Force IPv6 (default disabled)
  -4, --ipv4, --noipv4           Force IPv4 (default disabled)
      --socks <string>           SOCKS server
      --socks-user <string>      SOCKS user name
      --socks-pwd <string>       SOCKS password
      --meta-title <string>      Title metadata
      --meta-author <string>     Author metadata
      --meta-artist <string>     Artist metadata
      --meta-genre <string>      Genre metadata
      --meta-copyright <string>  Copyright metadata
      --meta-description <string>
                                 Description metadata
      --meta-date <string>       Date metadata
      --meta-url <string>        URL metadata
      --cr-average <integer>     Clock reference average counter

      --codec <string>           Preferred codecs list
      --encoder <string>         Preferred encoders list

 Stream output
      --sout <string>            Choose a stream output
      --sout-display, --no-sout-display
                                 Display while streaming (default disabled)
      --sout-keep, --no-sout-keep
                                 Keep stream output open (default disabled)
      --sout-all, --no-sout-all  Enable streaming of all ES (default disabled)
      --sout-audio, --no-sout-audio
                                 Enable audio stream output (default enabled)
      --sout-video, --no-sout-video
                                 Enable video stream output (default enabled)
      --ttl <integer>            Time to live
      --mux <string>             Mux module
      --access_output <string>   Access output module
      --packetizer <string>      Preferred packetizer list
      --sap-flow-control, --no-sap-flow-control
                                 Control SAP flow (default disabled)
      --sap-interval <integer>   SAP announcement interval
      --mmx, --nommx             Enable CPU MMX support (default enabled)
      --3dn, --no3dn             Enable CPU 3D Now! support (default enabled)
      --mmxext, --nommxext       Enable CPU MMX EXT support (default enabled)
      --sse, --nosse             Enable CPU SSE support (default enabled)
      --sse2, --nosse2           Enable CPU SSE2 support (default enabled)
      --memcpy <string>          Memory copy module
      --access <string>          Access module
      --demux <string>           Demux module
      --minimize-threads, --no-minimize-threads
                                 Minimize number of threads (default disabled)
      --plugins-cache, --no-plugins-cache
                                 Use a plugins cache (default enabled)
      --plugin-path <string>     Modules search path
      --vlm-conf <string>        VLM configuration file
      --one-instance, --no-one-instance
                                 Allow only one running instance (default
      --high-priority, --no-high-priority
                                 Increase the priority of the process (default
      --fast-mutex, --no-fast-mutex
                                 Fast mutex on NT/2K/XP (developers only)
                                 (default disabled)
      --win9x-cv-method <integer>
                                 Condition variables implementation for Win9x
                                 (developers only)

  -Z, --random, --norandom       Play files randomly forever (default disabled)
  -L, --loop, --noloop           Loop playlist on end (default disabled)
  -R, --repeat, --norepeat       Repeat the current item (default disabled)
      --play-and-stop, --no-play-and-stop
                                 Play and stop (default disabled)
  -S, --services-discovery <string>
                                 Services discovery modules
  -I, --intf <string>            Interface module
      --extraintf <string>       Extra interface modules
  -v, --verbose <integer>        Verbosity (0,1,2)
  -q, --quiet, --noquiet         Be quiet (default disabled)
      --language {auto,en,en_GB,es,de,fr,hu,it,ja,nl,no,pl,pt_BR,ru,sv}
      --color, --nocolor         Color messages (default disabled)
      --advanced, --noadvanced   Show advanced options (default enabled)
      --control <string>         Control interfaces

 Hot keys
      --key-fullscreen <integer> Fullscreen
      --key-play-pause <integer> Play/Pause
      --key-pause <integer>      Pause only
      --key-play <integer>       Play only
      --key-faster <integer>     Faster
      --key-slower <integer>     Slower
      --key-next <integer>       Next
      --key-prev <integer>       Previous
      --key-stop <integer>       Stop
      --key-position <integer>   Position
      --key-jump-10sec <integer> Jump 10 seconds backwards
      --key-jump+10sec <integer> Jump 10 seconds forward
      --key-jump-1min <integer>  Jump 1 minute backwards
      --key-jump+1min <integer>  Jump 1 minute forward
      --key-jump-5min <integer>  Jump 5 minutes backwards
      --key-jump+5min <integer>  Jump 5 minutes forward
      --key-nav-activate <integer>
      --key-nav-up <integer>     Navigate up
      --key-nav-down <integer>   Navigate down
      --key-nav-left <integer>   Navigate left
      --key-nav-right <integer>  Navigate right
      --key-quit <integer>       Quit
      --key-vol-up <integer>     Volume up
      --key-vol-down <integer>   Volume down
      --key-vol-mute <integer>   Mute
      --key-subdelay-up <integer>
                                 Subtitle delay up
      --key-subdelay-down <integer>
                                 Subtitle delay down
      --key-audiodelay-up <integer>
                                 Audio delay up
      --key-audiodelay-down <integer>
                                 Audio delay down
      --key-audio-track <integer>
                                 Cycle audio track
      --key-subtitle-track <integer>
                                 Cycle subtitle track
      --key-intf-show <integer>  Show interface
      --key-snapshot <integer>   Take video snapshot
      --key-set-bookmark1 <integer>
                                 Set playlist bookmark 1
      --key-set-bookmark2 <integer>
                                 Set playlist bookmark 2
      --key-set-bookmark3 <integer>
                                 Set playlist bookmark 3
      --key-set-bookmark4 <integer>
                                 Set playlist bookmark 4
      --key-set-bookmark5 <integer>
                                 Set playlist bookmark 5
      --key-set-bookmark6 <integer>
                                 Set playlist bookmark 6
      --key-set-bookmark7 <integer>
                                 Set playlist bookmark 7
      --key-set-bookmark8 <integer>
                                 Set playlist bookmark 8
      --key-set-bookmark9 <integer>
                                 Set playlist bookmark 9
      --key-set-bookmark10 <integer>
                                 Set playlist bookmark 10
      --key-play-bookmark1 <integer>
                                 Play playlist bookmark 1
      --key-play-bookmark2 <integer>
                                 Play playlist bookmark 2
      --key-play-bookmark3 <integer>
                                 Play playlist bookmark 3
      --key-play-bookmark4 <integer>
                                 Play playlist bookmark 4
      --key-play-bookmark5 <integer>
                                 Play playlist bookmark 5
      --key-play-bookmark6 <integer>
                                 Play playlist bookmark 6
      --key-play-bookmark7 <integer>
                                 Play playlist bookmark 7
      --key-play-bookmark8 <integer>
                                 Play playlist bookmark 8
      --key-play-bookmark9 <integer>
                                 Play playlist bookmark 9
      --key-play-bookmark10 <integer>
                                 Play playlist bookmark 10
      --key-history-back <integer>
                                 Go back in browsing history
      --key-history-forward <integer>
                                 Go forward in browsing history

Playlist MRL syntax:
  URL[@[title][:chapter][-[title][:chapter]]] [:option=value]
URL syntax:
  [file://]filename              plain media file
  http://ip:port/file            HTTP URL
  ftp://ip:port/file             FTP URL
  mms://ip:port/file             MMS URL
  screen://                      Screen capture
  [dvd://][device][@raw_device]  DVD device
  [vcd://][device]               VCD device
  [cdda://][device]              Audio CD device
  udp:[[<source address>]@[<bind address>][:<bind port>]]
                                 UDP stream sent by a streaming server
  vlc:pause                      pause execution of playlist items
  vlc:quit                       quit VLC

 Help options
  -h, --help                     print help (can be combined with --advanced)
  -H, --longhelp                 print detailed help (can be combined with
  -l, --list                     print a list of available modules
  -p, --module <string>          print help on module (can be combined with
      --save-config              save the current command line options in the
      --reset-config             reset the current config to the default values
      --config <string>          use alternate config file
      --reset-plugins-cache      resets the current plugins cache
      --version                  print version information

 live.com (RTSP/RTP/SDP) demuxer
      --rtsp-tcp, --no-rtsp-tcp  Use RTP over RTSP (TCP) (default disabled)
      --rtsp-caching <integer>   Caching value (ms)
      --rtsp-kasenna, --no-rtsp-kasenna
                                 Kasenna RTSP dialect (default disabled)

 Matroska stream demuxer
      --mkv-seek-percent, --no-mkv-seek-percent
                                 Seek based on percent not time (default

 ffmpeg audio/video decoder ((MS)MPEG4,SVQ1,H263,WMV,WMA)
      --ffmpeg-dr, --no-ffmpeg-dr
                                 Direct rendering (default enabled)
      --ffmpeg-error-resilience <integer>
                                 Error resilience
      --ffmpeg-workaround-bugs <integer>
                                 Workaround bugs
      --ffmpeg-hurry-up, --no-ffmpeg-hurry-up
                                 Hurry up (default disabled)
      --ffmpeg-vismv <integer>   Visualize motion vectors
      --ffmpeg-lowres <integer>  Low resolution decoding
      --ffmpeg-pp-q <integer>    Post processing quality
      --ffmpeg-pp-name <string>  ffmpeg post processing filter chains
      --ffmpeg-debug <integer>   Debug mask
      --sout-ffmpeg-hq {rd,bits,simple}
                                 Quality level
      --sout-ffmpeg-keyint <integer>
                                 Ratio of key frames
      --sout-ffmpeg-bframes <integer>
                                 Ratio of B frames
      --sout-ffmpeg-hurry-up, --no-sout-ffmpeg-hurry-up
                                 Hurry up (default disabled)
      --sout-ffmpeg-interlace, --no-sout-ffmpeg-interlace
                                 Enable interlaced encoding (default disabled)
      --sout-ffmpeg-vt <integer> Video bitrate tolerance
      --sout-ffmpeg-pre-me, --no-sout-ffmpeg-pre-me
                                 Enable pre motion estimation (default
      --sout-ffmpeg-strict-rc, --no-sout-ffmpeg-strict-rc
                                 Enable strict rate control (default disabled)
      --sout-ffmpeg-rc-buffer-size <integer>
                                 Rate control buffer size
      --sout-ffmpeg-rc-buffer-aggressivity <float>
                                 Rate control buffer aggressiveness
      --sout-ffmpeg-i-quant-factor <float>
                                 I quantization factor
      --sout-ffmpeg-noise-reduction <integer>
                                 Noise reduction
      --sout-ffmpeg-mpeg4-matrix, --no-sout-ffmpeg-mpeg4-matrix
                                 Enable MPEG4 quantization matrix (default
      --sout-ffmpeg-qmin <integer>
                                 Minimum video quantizer scale
      --sout-ffmpeg-qmax <integer>
                                 Maximum video quantizer scale
      --sout-ffmpeg-trellis, --no-sout-ffmpeg-trellis
                                 Enable trellis quantization (default disabled)
      --sout-ffmpeg-qscale <float>
                                 Use fixed video quantizer scale
      --sout-ffmpeg-strict <integer>
                                 Strict standard compliance

 ATSC A/52 (AC-3) audio decoder
      --a52-dynrng, --no-a52-dynrng
                                 A/52 dynamic range compression (default

 Standard filesystem directory input
      --recursive {none,collapse,expand}
                                 Subdirectory behavior

 Standard filesystem file input
      --file-caching <integer>   Caching value in ms
      --file-cat <string>        Concatenate with additional files

 FTP input
      --ftp-caching <integer>    Caching value in ms
      --ftp-user <string>        FTP user name
      --ftp-pwd <string>         FTP password
      --ftp-account <string>     FTP account

 HTTP input
      --http-proxy <string>      HTTP proxy
      --http-caching <integer>   Caching value in ms
      --http-user <string>       HTTP user name
      --http-pwd <string>        HTTP password
      --http-user-agent <string> HTTP user agent
      --http-reconnect, --no-http-reconnect
                                 Auto re-connect (default disabled)
      --http-continuous, --no-http-continuous
                                 Continuous stream (default disabled)

 Microsoft Media Server (MMS) input
      --mms-caching <integer>    Caching value in ms
      --mms-all, --no-mms-all    Force selection of all streams (default
      --mms-maxbitrate <integer> Select maximum bitrate stream

 File stream output
      --sout-file-append, --no-sout-file-append
                                 Append to file (default disabled)

 HTTP stream output
      --sout-http-user <string>  Username
      --sout-http-pwd <string>   Password
      --sout-http-mime <string>  Mime
      --sout-http-cert <string>  Certificate file
      --sout-http-key <string>   Private key file
      --sout-http-ca <string>    Root CA file
      --sout-http-crl <string>   CRL file

 UDP stream output
      --sout-udp-caching <integer>
                                 Caching value (ms)
      --sout-udp-ttl <integer>   Time To Live
      --sout-udp-group <integer> Group packets
      --sout-udp-late <integer>  Late delay (ms)
      --sout-udp-raw, --no-sout-udp-raw
                                 Raw write (default disabled)

 TCP input
      --tcp-caching <integer>    Caching value in ms

 UDP/RTP input
      --udp-caching <integer>    Caching value in ms
      --udp-auto-mtu, --no-udp-auto-mtu
                                 Autodetection of MTU (default enabled)

 Image properties filter
      --contrast <float>         Image contrast (0-2)
      --brightness <float>       Image brightness (0-2)
      --hue <integer>            Image hue (0-360)
      --saturation <float>       Image saturation (0-3)
      --gamma <float>            Image gamma (0-10)

 File audio output
      --audiofile-format {u8,s8,u16,s16,u16_le,s16_le,u16_be,s16_be,fixed32,floa
                                 Output format
      --audiofile-channels <integer>
                                 Output channels number
      --audiofile-file <string>  Output file
      --audiofile-wav, --no-audiofile-wav
                                 Add wave header (default enabled)

 AVI demuxer
      --avi-interleaved, --no-avi-interleaved
                                 Force interleaved method (default disabled)
      --avi-index, --no-avi-index
                                 Force index creation (default disabled)

 Audio CD input
      --cdda-caching <integer>   Caching value in ms

 Clone video filter
      --clone-count <integer>    Number of clones
      --clone-vout-list <string> List of video output modules

 Crop video filter
      --crop-geometry <string>   Crop geometry (pixels)
      --autocrop, --noautocrop   Automatic cropping (default disabled)

 Deinterlacing video filter
      --deinterlace-mode {discard,blend,mean,bob,linear}
                                 Deinterlace mode

 Filedump demuxer
      --demuxdump-file <string>  Filename of dump
      --demuxdump-append, --no-demuxdump-append
                                 Append (default disabled)

 Distort video filter
      --distort-mode {wave,ripple}
                                 Distort mode

 DTS Coherent Acoustics audio decoder
      --dts-dynrng, --no-dts-dynrng
                                 DTS dynamic range compression (default

 Dummy interface function
      --dummy-quiet, --no-dummy-quiet
                                 Do not open a DOS command box interface
                                 (default disabled)
      --dummy-save-es, --no-dummy-save-es
                                 Save raw codec data (default disabled)
      --dummy-chroma <string>    Dummy image chroma format

 DVDnav Input
      --dvdnav-angle <integer>   DVD angle
      --dvdnav-caching <integer> Caching value in ms
      --dvdnav-menu, --no-dvdnav-menu
                                 Start directly in menu (default enabled)

 DVDRead Input (DVD without menu support)
      --dvdread-angle <integer>  DVD angle
      --dvdread-caching <integer>
                                 Caching value in ms
      --dvdread-css-method {title,disc,key}
                                 Method used by libdvdcss for decryption

 Equalizer 10 bands
      --equalizer-preset {flat,classical,club,dance,fullbass,fullbasstreble,full

                                 Equalizer preset
      --equalizer-bands <string> Bands gain
      --equalizer-2pass, --no-equalizer-2pass
                                 Two pass (default disabled)
      --equalizer-preamp <float> Global gain

 freetype2 font renderer
      --freetype-font <string>   Font
      --freetype-fontsize <integer>
                                 Font size in pixels
      --freetype-rel-fontsize <integer>
                                 Font size

 Mouse gestures control interface
      --gestures-threshold <integer>
                                 Motion threshold (10-100)
      --gestures-button {left,middle,right}
                                 Trigger button

 Goom effect
      --goom-width <integer>     Goom display width
      --goom-height <integer>    Goom display height
      --goom-speed <integer>     Goom animation speed

 H264 video demuxer
      --h264-fps <float>         fps

 headphone channel mixer with virtual spatialization effect
      --headphone-dim <integer>  Characteristic dimension

 Hotkeys management interface
      --bookmark1 <string>       Playlist bookmark 1
      --bookmark2 <string>       Playlist bookmark 2
      --bookmark3 <string>       Playlist bookmark 3
      --bookmark4 <string>       Playlist bookmark 4
      --bookmark5 <string>       Playlist bookmark 5
      --bookmark6 <string>       Playlist bookmark 6
      --bookmark7 <string>       Playlist bookmark 7
      --bookmark8 <string>       Playlist bookmark 8
      --bookmark9 <string>       Playlist bookmark 9
      --bookmark10 <string>      Playlist bookmark 10

 HTTP remote control interface
      --http-host <string>       Host address
      --http-src <string>        Source directory
      --http-intf-cert <string>  Certificate file
      --http-intf-key <string>   Private key file
      --http-intf-ca <string>    Root CA file
      --http-intf-crl <string>   CRL file

 Image video output
      --image-out-format {png}   Image format
      --image-out-ratio <integer>
                                 Recording ratio
      --image-out-prefix <string>
                                 Filename prefix

 IPv4 network abstraction layer
      --ipv4-timeout <integer>   TCP connection timeout in ms

 File logging
      --logfile <string>         Log filename
      --logmode {text,html}      Log format

 Logo video filter
      --logo-file <string>       Logo filename
      --logo-x <integer>         X coordinate of the logo
      --logo-y <integer>         Y coordinate of the logo
      --logo-transparency <integer>
                                 Transparency of the logo
      --logo-position <integer>  Logo position

 Marquee display sub filter
      --marq-marquee <string>    Marquee text
      --marq-x <integer>         X offset, from left
      --marq-y <integer>         Y offset, from the top
      --marq-timeout <integer>   Marquee timeout

 JPEG camera demuxer
      --mjpeg-fps <float>        Frames per Second

 MOD demuxer (libmodplug)
      --mod-noisereduction, --no-mod-noisereduction
                                 Noise reduction (default enabled)
      --mod-reverb, --no-mod-reverb
                                 Reverb (default disabled)
      --mod-reverb-level <integer>
                                 Reverb level (0-100)
      --mod-reverb-delay <integer>
                                 Reverb delay (ms)
      --mod-megabass, --no-mod-megabass
                                 Mega bass (default disabled)
      --mod-megabass-level <integer>
                                 Mega bass level (0-100)
      --mod-megabass-range <integer>
                                 Mega bass cut off (Hz)
      --mod-surround, --no-mod-surround
                                 Surround (default disabled)
      --mod-surround-level <integer>
                                 Surround level (0-100)
      --mod-surround-delay <integer>
                                 Surround delay (ms)

 Motion blur filter
      --blur-factor <integer>    Blur factor (1-127)

 Motion detect video filter
      --motiondetect-history <integer>
                                 History parameter
      --motiondetect-description <string>
                                 Description file

 ASF muxer
      --sout-asf-title <string>  Title
      --sout-asf-author <string> Author
      --sout-asf-copyright <string>
      --sout-asf-comment <string>
      --sout-asf-rating <string> Rating

 MP4/MOV muxer
      --sout-mp4-faststart, --no-sout-mp4-faststart
                                 Create "Fast start" files (default enabled)

 PS muxer
      --sout-ps-dts-delay <integer>
                                 DTS delay (ms)

 TS muxer (libdvbpsi)
      --sout-ts-pid-video <integer>
                                 Video PID
      --sout-ts-pid-audio <integer>
                                 Audio PID
      --sout-ts-pid-spu <integer>
                                 SPU PID
      --sout-ts-pid-pmt <integer>
                                 PMT PID
      --sout-ts-tsid <integer>   TS ID
      --sout-ts-shaping <integer>
                                 Shaping delay (ms)
      --sout-ts-use-key-frames, --no-sout-ts-use-key-frames
                                 Use keyframes (default disabled)
      --sout-ts-pcr <integer>    PCR delay (ms)
      --sout-ts-bmin <integer>   Minimum B (deprecated)
      --sout-ts-bmax <integer>   Maximum B (deprecated)
      --sout-ts-dts-delay <integer>
                                 DTS delay (ms)
      --sout-ts-crypt-audio, --no-sout-ts-crypt-audio
                                 Crypt audio (default enabled)
      --sout-ts-csa-ck <string>  CSA Key

 Network synchronisation
      --netsync-master, --no-netsync-master
                                 Act as master for network synchronisation
                                 (default disabled)
      --netsync-master-ip <string>
                                 Master client ip address

 Volume normalizer
      --norm-buff-size <integer> Number of audio buffers
      --norm-max-level <float>   Max level

 Windows Service interface
      --ntservice-install, --no-ntservice-install
                                 Install Windows Service (default disabled)
      --ntservice-uninstall, --no-ntservice-uninstall
                                 Uninstall Windows Service (default disabled)
      --ntservice-name <string>  Display name of the Service
      --ntservice-options <string>
                                 Configuration options
      --ntservice-extraintf <string>
                                 Extra interface modules

 OpenGL video output
      --opengl-cube-speed <float>
                                 OpenGL cube rotation speed
      --opengl-effect {none,cube,transparent-cube}
                                 Select effect

 Remote control interface
      --rc-show-pos, --no-rc-show-pos
                                 Show stream position (default disabled)
      --rc-fake-tty, --no-rc-fake-tty
                                 Fake TTY (default disabled)
      --rc-unix <string>         UNIX socket command input
      --rc-host <string>         TCP command input
      --rc-quiet, --no-rc-quiet  Do not open a DOS command box interface
                                 (default disabled)
      --rc-extend, --no-rc-extend
                                 Extended help (default disabled)

 SAP interface
      --sap-addr <string>        SAP multicast address
      --sap-ipv4, --no-sap-ipv4  IPv4-SAP listening (default enabled)
      --sap-ipv6, --no-sap-ipv6  IPv6-SAP listening (default disabled)
      --sap-ipv6-scope <string>  IPv6 SAP scope
      --sap-timeout <integer>    SAP timeout (seconds)
      --sap-parse, --no-sap-parse
                                 Try to parse the SAP (default enabled)
      --sap-strict, --no-sap-strict
                                 SAP Strict mode (default disabled)
      --sap-cache, --no-sap-cache
                                 Use SAP cache (default disabled)

 Screen Input
      --screen-caching <integer> Caching value in ms
      --screen-fps <float>       Frame rate
      --screen-fragment-size <integer>
                                 Capture fragment size

 Interface showing control interface
      --showintf-threshold <integer>

 Display stream output
      --sout-display-audio, --no-sout-display-audio
                                 Enable audio (default enabled)
      --sout-display-video, --no-sout-display-video
                                 Enable video (default enabled)
      --sout-display-delay <integer>

 Elementary stream output
      --sout-es-access <string>  Output access method
      --sout-es-access-audio <string>
                                 Audio output access method
      --sout-es-access-video <string>
                                 Video output access method
      --sout-es-mux <string>     Output muxer
      --sout-es-mux-audio <string>
                                 Audio output muxer
      --sout-es-mux-video <string>
                                 Video output muxer
      --sout-es-dst <string>     Output URL
      --sout-es-dst-audio <string>
                                 Audio output URL
      --sout-es-dst-video <string>
                                 Video output URL

 RTP stream output
      --sout-rtp-dst <string>    Destination
      --sout-rtp-sdp <string>    SDP
      --sout-rtp-mux <string>    Muxer
      --sout-rtp-name <string>   Session name
      --sout-rtp-description <string>
                                 Session description
      --sout-rtp-url <string>    Session URL
      --sout-rtp-email <string>  Session email
      --sout-rtp-port-audio <integer>
                                 Audio port
      --sout-rtp-port-video <integer>
                                 Video port
      --sout-rtp-port <integer>  Port
      --sout-rtp-ttl <integer>   Time to live

 Standard stream output
      --sout-standard-access <string>
                                 Output access method
      --sout-standard-mux <string>
                                 Output muxer
      --sout-standard-url <string>
                                 Output URL
      --sout-standard-sap, --no-sout-standard-sap
                                 SAP announcing (default disabled)
      --sout-standard-name <string>
                                 Session name
      --sout-standard-group <string>
                                 Session groupname
      --sout-standard-sap-ipv6, --no-sout-standard-sap-ipv6
                                 SAP IPv6 announcing (default disabled)
      --sout-standard-slp, --no-sout-standard-slp
                                 SLP announcing (default disabled)

 Transcode stream output
      --sout-transcode-venc <string>
                                 Video encoder
      --sout-transcode-vcodec <string>
                                 Destination video codec
      --sout-transcode-vb <integer>
                                 Video bitrate
      --sout-transcode-scale <float>
                                 Video scaling
      --sout-transcode-fps <float>
                                 Video frame-rate
      --sout-transcode-deinterlace, --no-sout-transcode-deinterlace
                                 Deinterlace video (default disabled)
      --sout-transcode-width <integer>
                                 Video width
      --sout-transcode-height <integer>
                                 Video height
      --sout-transcode-croptop <integer>
                                 Video crop top
      --sout-transcode-cropleft <integer>
                                 Video crop left
      --sout-transcode-cropbottom <integer>
                                 Video crop bottom
      --sout-transcode-cropright <integer>
                                 Video crop right
      --sout-transcode-aenc <string>
                                 Audio encoder
      --sout-transcode-acodec <string>
                                 Destination audio codec
      --sout-transcode-ab <integer>
                                 Audio bitrate
      --sout-transcode-channels <integer>
                                 Audio channels
      --sout-transcode-samplerate <integer>
                                 Audio sample rate
      --sout-transcode-senc <string>
                                 Subtitles encoder
      --sout-transcode-scodec <string>
                                 Destination subtitles codec
      --sout-transcode-soverlay, --no-sout-transcode-soverlay
                                 Destination subtitles codec (default disabled)
      --sout-transcode-sfilter <string>
                                 Subpictures filter
      --sout-transcode-threads <integer>
                                 Number of threads
      --sout-transcode-audio-sync, --no-sout-transcode-audio-sync
                                 Synchronise on audio track (default disabled)

 text subtitles decoder
      --subsdec-align <integer>  Subtitles justification
      --subsdec-encoding {System Default,ASCII,UTF-8,,ISO-8859-1,CP1252,MacRoman
                                 Subtitles text encoding

 Text subtitles demux
      --sub-fps <float>          Frames per second
      --sub-delay <integer>      Subtitles delay
      --sub-type {auto,microdvd,subrip,subviewer,ssa1,ssa2-4,vplayer,sami}
                                 Subtitles fileformat

 Telnet remote control interface
      --telnet-port <integer>    Telnet Interface port
      --telnet-password <string> Telnet Interface password

 Theora video decoder
      --sout-theora-quality <integer>
                                 Encoding quality

 Time display sub filter
      --time-format <string>     Time format string (%Y%m%d %H%M%S)
      --time-x <integer>         X offset, from left
      --time-y <integer>         Y offset, from the top

 libtoolame audio encoder
      --sout-toolame-quality <float>
                                 Encoding quality
      --sout-toolame-mode <integer>
                                 Stereo mode
      --sout-toolame-vbr, --no-sout-toolame-vbr
                                 VBR mode (default disabled)

 Video transformation filter
      --transform-type {90,180,270,hflip,vflip}
                                 Transform type

 ISO 13818-1 MPEG Transport Stream input - new
      --ts-extra-pmt <string>    Extra PMT
      --ts-es-id-pid, --no-ts-es-id-pid
                                 Set id of ES to PID (default disabled)
      --ts-out <string>          Fast udp streaming
      --ts-out-mtu <integer>     MTU for out mode
      --ts-csa-ck <string>       CSA ck
      --ts-silent, --no-ts-silent
                                 Silent mode (default disabled)
      --ts-capmt-sysid <integer> CAPMT System ID

 VCD input
      --vcd-caching <integer>    Caching value in ms

 Visualizer filter
      --effect-list <string>     Effects list
      --effect-width <integer>   Video width
      --effect-height <integer>  Video height
      --visual-nbbands <integer> Number of bands
      --visual-separ <integer>   Band separator
      --visual-amp <integer>     Amplification
      --visual-peaks, --no-visual-peaks
                                 Enable peaks (default enabled)
      --visual-stars <integer>   Number of stars

 RTSP VoD server
      --rtsp-host <string>       Host address

 Vorbis audio decoder
      --sout-vorbis-quality <integer>
                                 Encoding quality
      --sout-vorbis-max-bitrate <integer>
                                 Maximum encoding bitrate
      --sout-vorbis-min-bitrate <integer>
                                 Minimum encoding bitrate
      --sout-vorbis-cbr, --no-sout-vorbis-cbr
                                 CBR encoding (default disabled)

 wall video filter
      --wall-cols <integer>      Number of columns
      --wall-rows <integer>      Number of rows
      --wall-active <string>     Active windows

 Win32 waveOut extension output
      --waveout-float32, --no-waveout-float32
                                 Use float32 output (default enabled)

 wxWindows interface module
      --wxwin-embed, --no-wxwin-embed
                                 Embed video in interface (default enabled)
      --wxwin-bookmarks, --no-wxwin-bookmarks
                                 Show bookmarks dialog (default disabled)

 h264 video encoder using x264 library
      --sout-x264-qp <integer>   Quantizer parameter
      --sout-x264-qp-min <integer>
                                 Minimum quantizer parameter
      --sout-x264-qp-max <integer>
                                 Maximum quantizer parameter
      --sout-x264-cabac, --no-sout-x264-cabac
                                 Enable CABAC (default enabled)
      --sout-x264-loopfilter, --no-sout-x264-loopfilter
                                 Enable loop filter (default enabled)
      --sout-x264-analyse {,all,normal,fast,none}
                                 Analyse mode
      --sout-x264-keyint <integer>
                                 Sets maximum interval between IDR-frames
      --sout-x264-keyint-min <integer>
                                 Sets minimum interval between IDR-frames
      --sout-x264-bframes <integer>
                                 B frames
      --sout-x264-frameref <integer>
                                 Number of previous frames used as predictors.
      --sout-x264-scenecut <integer>
                                 Scene-cut detection.

 DirectShow input
      --dshow-caching <integer>  Caching value in ms
      --dshow-vdev {,none}       Video device name
      --dshow-adev {,none}       Audio device name
      --dshow-size <string>      Video size
      --dshow-chroma <string>    Video input chroma format
      --dshow-config, --no-dshow-config
                                 Device properties (default disabled)
      --dshow-tuner, --no-dshow-tuner
                                 Tuner properties (default disabled)
      --dshow-tuner-channel <integer>
                                 Tuner TV Channel
      --dshow-tuner-country <integer>
                                 Tuner country code
      --dshow-tuner-input <integer>
                                 Tuner input type

 DirectX video output
      --directx-hw-yuv, --no-directx-hw-yuv
                                 Use hardware YUV->RGB conversions (default
      --directx-use-sysmem, --no-directx-use-sysmem
                                 Use video buffers in system memory (default
      --directx-3buffering, --no-directx-3buffering
                                 Use triple buffering for overlays (default
      --directx-device {}        Name of desired display device
      --directx-wallpaper, --no-directx-wallpaper
                                 Enable wallpaper mode  (default disabled)