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These days widgets are ubiquitous. Not only did they enhance the functionality, they add dynamic interaction with the user. The VLC Widget project is aimed to build custom widgets in Qt/C++ using SVGs and Qt Kinetics. Use the template for every widget:

  • Author(s):
  • About:
  • Source Code:
  • Screenshot link:(if any)
  • Supported VLC versions:

Widgets Planned for VLC

  • Media Notifier: [DONE] Notification Widget for VLC.
  • Beat Analyzer: [ONGOING] The widget shows beats as in Winamp. Can be scaled to be used as a visualization.
  • SVG FullScreen Controller: [NA] Full Screen Controller as in VLC on Mac OS X.
  • Ergonomic UI/Menu/Buttons using SVGs: [NA]


  • VLC Mini Mode: Scalable, Draggable, Resizable, Movable Mini Mode Widget based on Media Notifier.
  • Playback Dashboard: SVG based Playback controller with book-marking, tagging etc. functionality.

Ongoing Projects under GSoC:

  • Media Flow: Widget like Cover Flow with quick view, meta data etc. features.
  • Media Grid: Widget with playlist/library listed in a grid with automatic thumbnail generated from media files.

Media Notifier

  • Author: User:Rohityadav
  • About: Media Notification for VLC
  • Source Code: Patch Released.
  • Screenshot: screenshotmtw.png
  • Supported VLC Versions: 9.9a and above.

SVG based Full Screen Controller

VLC Mini Mode

Beat Analyzer

Playback Dashboard

Media Flow

Media Grid

Ergonomic UI/Menus/Buttons using SVGs

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